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NEC New Zealand is delighted to have partnered with All Heart NZ following our recent office move in Auckland.

When we recently decided to move our office location in Auckland, we needed to strip back on a wide range of office furnishings including desks, chairs, office dividers, and IT equipment.

Thinking sustainably, we simply did not want to put all our unwanted items into landfill.

That’s where All Heart NZ came in.

Who is All Heart NZ?

All Heart NZ partners with corporates to practically redirect and repurpose redundant and unwanted items. Our Reduce partnerships help to further develop the sustainable, ethical and social aspects of procurement and supply chain management.

Their primary focus is on corporate sustainability and community support, something we were keen to get involved with.

To date, All Heart NZ have diverted 2,293,874kg of waste materials from landfill, supporting 297 communities from the funds they have raised – a total of $5,908,408.

Our impact report

Whilst the contribution from our office move is only small, the impact can be widely felt.

In total, working with All Heart NZ, we diverted 3,050kg of waste from the landfill.

Instead, those items were sent out to the communities where they could be put to good use. It was great to hear from the community group who had received our unwanted items:

“We want to thank the corporate who has provided their redundant items to All Heart NZ. For us, these items represent hope and dignity. These items allow us to create living wage employment and an environmentally positive up-cycle solution. We love what we do and appreciate the support All Heart NZ and their corporate partners provide.”

All Heart NZ estimate that the community impact of the items we donated was $7,838 which is measured by a local community being able to reuse, repurpose and resell those items, with 100% of the benefit going to people in need.

You can check out our full impact report here.

Planning an office move? Find out more about All Heart NZ

If you are planning an office move or you simply need to upgrade your existing furniture or IT, make sure you get in touch with All Heart NZ.

They have a number of services available to companies throughout New Zealand including:

Redirection/Removal – If your business is moving office, changing furniture or I.T, has end of life or end of line products, we will re-direct your unwanted corporate items for community good. This national service comes at no greater cost than sending those items to landfill.

Reduction Partnership – All Heart NZ provides organisations with the tools they need to actively manage their social, and environmental impacts. Our reduce partnerships focus on the sustainable, ethical and social aspects of procurement and supply chain management.

Repurpose/Upcycle – All Heart NZ will up-cycle and re-purpose items that cannot easily be re-used, like plastic, MDF, textiles and construction waste. This maximises waste diversion and fosters the development of employment and community enterprise.

Corporate Sustainability

NEC New Zealand is committed to a greener future and this latest partnership is just a part of our overall corporate sustainability programme.

Our vision is: “to be a leading global company leveraging the power of innovation to realise an information society friendly to humans and the earth”.

This means that we will expand our efforts further by making protection of the global environment one of the primary goals of our core businesses.

Working with partners like All Heart NZ, we continue to make strides towards a greener future.


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