Integrated Ticketing and Automated Fare Collection (AFC)

NEC provides multi-modal Integrated Ticketing (IT) and Automated Fare Collection (AFC) systems to bus, railway and public transport operators worldwide. This extends from electronic fare collection systems on buses, carriages and other forms of transport through to electronic charging and expenditure at merchants and retailers plus the clearing house facilities. Such facilities can support single, integrated fare systems based on a unified card or token or can be leveraged by a number of diverse operators.

NEC’s IT and AFC systems can also accommodate contemporary payment and charging mechanisms such as Apple Pay or other mobile apps, embracing the convenience of mobile technologies as well as Integrated Circuit (IC) chip equipped contactless smartcards.

The technology is highly accurate, reliable and is highly effective for fraud prevention and is a system that is not isolated to payment for transportation fare. NEC’s system can also extend into payments via cards or mobile devices for merchandise at participating retailers making it a highly convenient option for travellers, commuters and visitors.

Who we work with

NEC work with organisations interested in driving the utilisation of public and social transportation systems and the public convenience this brings, together with the social and environmental benefits.

Examples of industries we work with include:

Transit Agencies
Local authorities
Bus and railway operators
Retailing associations
Centralised transportation agencies

We work across these industries to provide highly functional, extensible and convenient automated and integrated fare collection systems.

il_integrated ticketing

NEC Integrated Ticketing and Automated Fare Collection at a glance

AFC comprises core modules which define and outline the main functionality of the system:

  • Device Management (device inventory and device settings)
  • Fare Management
  • Account and Media Management
  • Maintenance Management
  • Inspection Management
  • Clearing and Settlement
  • Reporting and Audit

NEC’s solution supports a single national account and payment method or regionally-based systems which will unify travel across multiple authorities, operators and modes of travel. It is media agnostic, supporting smartcard, EMV credit card, mobile phone/app and other payment forms. It can also be integrated with advanced biometric capabilities such as fingerprint readers, facial recognition systems or similar for fast and easy “hop on” and “hop off” facilities.

Using technologies such as GPS, NEC’s system can also be extended to real-time tracking and monitoring of buses and trains (and other transportation options) and the integration into Passenger Information Systems at stations and depots to provide accurate and timely information for transport and vehicle ETAs, announcements and timetables.


What our customers are saying

“Efficient and sustainable public transport systems equipped with modern technology such as ITMS/AFCS with cashless payment is vital for the Smart City mission of the government of India. We hope that the ITMS and AFCS systems implemented by NEC will make our bus operations more efficient, and help us in providing world-class public transport service to commuters in Ahmedabad. In the future, we plan to extend the reach of this card to other modes of public transport in the city, including taxis and the metro.”
Rakesh Shankar
Smart City Ahmedabad Development Ltd

We love to talk to people about the opportunities that exist to create smarter cities throughout the world including right here in New Zealand.

Key features and benefits of NEC’s IT and AFC solutions

Ease of use
“One payment to rule them all”. Adopt a single or multiple electronic methods (smartcards, mobile devices and apps, biometrics) to enable seamless boarding and use of transportation.
Rapid uptake
The ability for commuters to move effortlessly between transport modes and operators is key to rapid uptake and acceptance.
Future proof solutions
Utilise existing and upcoming biometric identification for boarding and disembarkation via technologies such as NEC’s advanced Facial Recognition, fingerprinting, Voice Recognition or future technology options.
Report or aggregate travel and services
NEC systems allow the collection and aggregation of services across multiple providers, agencies, transaction types, media types, vehicle types location, routes etc.
Flexible design
• Pay as you go fare model
• “Fairest fare” model (daily, weekly, monthly)
• Backend daily, weekly or monthly payment aggregation
• PCI and EMV compliance
• “Actions lists” support (deny, accept, accept with account check)
• Validation including card expiry, validity, presence on “deny list”
Clearing house functionality
Clearing and settlement of payments to appropriate agencies and operators. Includes individual operator/agency role based visibility and reporting.
Artificial Intelligence (AI) fraud reduction engine
NEC’s technology provides both load forecasts and anomaly detection alarms to detect fare evasion.

Who should use NEC IT and AFC systems ?

With rideshare systems, mobility options and the increase in commuter demand for capacity and transportation options, Integrated Fare Collection and ticketing is becoming critical for ease of travel and payment. The pressures of increased populations and limited funding for roading and other infrastructure projects increases the need for agencies to provide transportation options and to make moving between transportation options easy and seamless.

Here are some of the main reasons to talk to us today about NEC’s Integrated Ticketing and Automated Fare Collection solutions:

  • Your transport options stand alone and require different payments and technologies between systems, vehicle types and operators
  • There is little or no commonality between systems available in different transport modes (e.g. bus, train, rideshare)
  • Different regions provide separate, non-integrated systems requiring specific ticketing and payment forms
  • Your systems are not able to utilise the contemporary payment methods such as mobility, Apple Pay, smartcard etc.
  • You wish to embrace biometric identification for boarding and disembarkation – simple “hop-on” and “hop-off” options
  • You want to realise efficiencies via services such as a single backend clearance and settlement system
  • You want citizens to have the easiest, lowest friction and most enjoyable transportation possible without having to carry multiple payment methods or multiple identification methods
  • You wish to encourage citizens to use public and/or integrated transportation systems.

NEC provides small scale to nationwide systems to offer authorities and travellers ease of choice, payment and movement.

NEC’s experience can help plot an integrated transportation map for the future, using current and future technologies for the pleasure and use of commuters, travellers and visitors.

NEC Smart Transport Services

NEC is at the forefront of providing technology for the transport industry all around the world.

Through our smart ticketing soultions, our operational intelligence systems, safety and security platforms and customer focused tools, our smart transport services are changing the way we think, plan and undertake our journeys.

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