Celebrating our staff – Spring 2022

Here at NEC New Zealand, we think it is important to recognise the valuable contribution made by each and every member of the team.

Every month, we encourage nominations from across the business to identify staff members that have gone above and beyond to deliver and demonstrate the core values of the business.

Our core values are:

•             Innovation

•             Customer Centric

•             Courage

•             Collaboration

•             Excellence

Our monthly ICCCE Awards celebrate the hard work and dedication of our staff, and we are proud to recognise and reward those members of the team who have demonstrated our values.

July 2022 Winner – Gordon Gregory

Our July ICCCE Award winner was Gordon Gregory. Gordon is a Senior Project Manager at NEC New Zealand and has been with NEC New Zealand since May 2022. 

Gordon was recognised for demonstrating the NEC values of Customer Centric, Courage and Excellence and his nomination was accompanied by the following words:

Since joining NEC, Gordon has made a huge impact on the MBIE Project. He has brought a new level of professionalism and process to the way we are managing the project.

“He has displayed courage in dealing with the customer in some tough discussions. He has an absolute commitment to excellence and ensuring NEC delivers the right outcome for the customer in a way that delivers value to NEC.

“He is great to work with and has built solid relationships across NEC. He embodies our ICCCE values.”

Gordon was surprised but delighted to have been nominated and awarded an ICCCE Award and he was quick to share his success with those around him.

I was taken by surprise being awarded this last month.  As a contractor, I don’t expect to be included in this type of distinction, and I promptly donated the pressy card to the social club for beer/snacks, but it was great to be acknowledged in that way.

Gordon has loved his time with NEC to date, especially the team he is working with, “I have really enjoyed the challenge of putting some structure around the delivery of one of the highest priority projects, enabling NEC NZ to provide an increased level of confidence in the delivery and meeting key milestones. 

“The team involved in the project have been hugely supportive and all very keen to ensure we are successful, despite the challenges involved in working with and delivering into a large and complex government department organisation.”

Outside of work, Gordon loves spending time with his family, brewing his own beer, playing golf, and as you can see, fishing!

Congratulations Gordon.

August 2022 Winner – Vasanth Ramani

Our August ICCCE Award winner was Vasanth Ramani. Vasanth is a Senior Software Engineer at NEC New Zealand. 

Vasanth was recognised for demonstrating the NEC values of Customer Centric, Collaboration and Excellence and in his nomination. Vasanth’s nomination came from our May ICCCE Award winner, Graeme Prentice and was put forward with the following words:

“I would like to nominate Vasanth Ramani for the next round of ICCCE awards. Vasanth was approached by NEC Australia to assist in a major change in infrastructure for major client. As you can see from the feedback from NECA this was very much appreciated.

“Vasanth clearly displayed a customer Centric approach – in this case, NECA were the customer and he also demonstrated collaboration and excellence in his dealings with NECA in delivering a successful outcome for the client.”

The nomination was supported by a note from NEC Australia, with thanks for Vasanth’s hard work, ensuring an essential project was completed on time. The note read:

Hi Graeme,

I just wanted to write to you and say a big thank you for allowing us to include Vasanth as part of our team that successfully cut over the NSW Transport facial recognition system on the weekend to move it from on-prem infrastructure to AWS cloud.

The team worked two long days over the weekend and Vasanth’s involvement was invaluable in helping us overcome a couple of “last minute” issues.

We really appreciate the assistance from the NEC NZ team.  Thank you, Mark

In typical fashion, Vasanth was very gracious about the award, “I look at this as a collaborative environment, the whole team works together to make things happen. Supports each other, work together and then make ideas a reality.

“I work hard to maintain the level of trust, which keeps me engaged and excited, but at the same time, I like the job that enables me to do other passions in life. Even though I work a lot, it is always changing — always evolving,

“Every day is different, and it is a constant adventure, feeling a sense of accomplishment when I am up against a deadline and we only have one shot to get it right, and it turns out to be better than we could have imagined.”

Outside of the office, Vasanth enjoys walking around Wellington and exploring new places as well as trying some of the amazing food on offer in the capital.

Congratulations Vasanth.

Mel Barber, Managing Director NEC New Zealand said, “One of my favourite tasks every month is reading through the nominations for our ICCCE Awards. It’s a chance to take a step back and recognise the amazing work that is taking place across every department of the business and to showcase those individuals that are demonstrating our core values.

A huge congratulations to Gordon and Vasanth along with all those who were nominated over the past couple of months.

To find out more about NEC New Zealand, including our latest job vacancies, check out the About Us section of the website.


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