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Research and Development is in our DNA at NEC. With laboratories located around the world, we leverage global talent and resources to ensure the speedy realisation of innovative social solutions. NEC has long had a strong base of world-class technologies and an outstanding roster of researchers. This still holds true to the present day.

Changing the concept of laboratories
through ecosystem R&D

To many, a laboratory may evoke the image of a place where research is conducted to develop seeds of potential technology.

At NEC Laboratories, we are engaging in initiatives to break out of this back-end laboratory mould.

To achieve this, researchers must position themselves front and centre and remain actively involved up to the process of commercialisation.

The next step is to release technologies at an early stage and work in close alignment with customers and external partners to realise speedy commercialisation.

This is the laboratory model we envision for the future.

AI and IoT technologies, which are an integral part of research at our laboratories, will continue to face rapidly accelerating technological innovation.

It goes without saying that expeditious commercialisation is the key to surviving the intensifying competition.

NEC has a long track record in developing world’s first and world’s only core technologies and has been working with business units to deliver high quality and high accuracy services to the market.

Discover how our global R&D labs benefit our New Zealand customers


NEC is engaged in R&D to create new social value by establishing six technology areas

AI Technologies

Recognition AI

Realising a deep understanding of humans and things by combining a wide variety of sensors.

By applying advanced AI to massive volumes of information, NEC makes it possible to capture deep information such as the internal states of people or the inside of objects which cannot be perceived by humans.

Analytics AI

Realising high level analyses that solve complex and unknown issues in the real world.

NEC makes use of its analysis technology to develop precise analysis technology that presents appropriate initiatives for social issues as well as analysis technology that can describe reasons behind these.

Control AI

Realising collaborative robots that can safely and efficiently perform various work.

NEC will safely and efficiently realise complex work that enables humans and machines to collaborate by developing machine control technology using AI.

Platform Technologies

Security and Network

AI, authentication, and encryption technologies ensure the safety and security of life.

NEC will expand its analysis automation technology and analysis knowledge that makes use of AI that protects IT systems as well as enhance its authentication and encryption technologies that protect IoT systems and communications networks.


Satisfying diverse needs by integrating AI with communications expertise.

NEC will meet such diverse needs by integrating AI which learns from massive volumes of data obtained in the field with modelling and other communications expertise based on physics, engineering, and informatics.

System Platform

Streamlining the learning process while managing hardware.

NEC will accelerate the AI process by combining cloud and edge processing using a variety of appropriate hardware.

Global Network of R&D Labs

NEC has a global network of research laboratories with bases in seven locations around the globe. The research laboratories closely collaborate with each other while maintaining the regional strengths including local ecosystems.

Central Research Laboratories

Our central research laboratories take the central role in NEC R&D, focussing on AI (recognition and analysis), security, ICT platform and other cutting edge technologies such as quantum computing. Our four central research labs focus on the following:

Data Science

Mainly, AI R&D is performed at Data Science Research Laboratories. We perceive AI as the three processes “visualization,” “analysis,” and “prescription & control,” and aim to achieve an ICT system and system platform that can continue to create new social value by accumulating data while circulating these processes.

Researchers visit sites where customers are present and perform cutting edge development of technology.

Secure Systems

The Secure System Research Laboratories continues to perform research that defends social safety and security in both data security and cyber security aspects. We especially excel in the secure computation and blockchain fields and possess the world’s top technologies.

In secure computation, we have achieved a top class speed using a unique “multi-party computing” that performs processing while information is dispersed.


NEC has a track record as a pioneer that has led biometrics research for over 40 years. Our fingerprint, face, and iris recognition technologies have been proven to have the world’s top precision through third-party reviews.

Our solutions are not limited to the security field. For example, technology that grasps long-term stress through wristband type wearable sensors was recently developed. Biometrics is a technology that digitises external and internal human information and ultimately translates this into “human understanding.”

System Platforms

Research related to computing platforms that extend to cloud, edge computing, and devices are performed at the System Platform Research Laboratories. Our core research material includes computing technologies and communication technologies. We mainly handle research on hardware that connects the digital and real world.

Furthermore, we are actively engaged in cutting edge research such as quantum computing, spin thermoelectric, and quantum sensors.

How do NEC New Zealand and our Customers benefit?

We are in constant communication with our global business to provide customers in New Zealand with technology solutions to address business need.

NEC continues to invest significant resources into R&D, boasting over 90,000 patents over the years. We have a world-class team of researchers located throughout the world and it is exciting to be part of the constantly evolving technological advances that we are seeing, thanks to the great work of these world-class researchers.

We are also delighted to bring those developments to the New Zealand market. To find out more about our products and solutions, and the work of our R&D team, get in touch today and see how NEC New Zealand can impact your business.


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