NEC is a world leader in network solutions. We provide design, support and advisory services to many of the New Zealand’s largest and most complex organisations. NEC, through key strategic partners, provide Networking services using best-in-category products to provide our customers with exceptional value and experience.

Our highly skilled technical engineers provide us the ability to deliver Networking services and turnkey solutions for our customers.

Who we work with

NEC is trusted by companies large and small throughout the world. Here in New Zealand, NEC is working to deliver Networking solutions for large telecommunications, internet service providers (ISPs) as well as enterprise businesses. Here are just a sample of the sectors in which we are currently working within New Zealand:

Enterprise Business
Power Utilities

Our network solutions mean we touch a range of job roles within organisations. Network solutions can provide increased revenue streams and optimise the way you do business.


Orchestrations and automation with software-defined networking (SDN) technologies allow for better utilisation of resources, freeing you up to do your job more effectively. Speak to us at NEC New Zealand today and see how we can help.

Key features and benefits of NEC’s Networking Solutions

Networking allows businesses to connect and at NEC New Zealand, we provide the underlying infrastructure to allow your business to connect and communicate effectively. We offer an end-to-end solution from your datacentre all the way to the end user. Whether you are looking for consultancy, design, procurement, installation or support for your existing network solution, NEC provides the full suite of services. When you choose to work with NEC, you are choosing to work with one of the world’s leading provider of network solutions and our products and services offer a wide range of features and benefits for your company.

At NEC New Zealand, we provide our customers, large and small, with industry-best practises when it comes to the design of your Networking solutions.
We work with leading vendors globally in order to provide our customer with best-in-class products which help to deliver world-leading Networking solutions for your business.
Our certified Field Service Engineers are highly skilled with the ability to install and configure our customer’s complex networks to an optimum level.
We provide the safety net for customers to proactively maintain and support customer’s networks to minimise downtime.
One of the most important elements when considering your network solution opportunities is to assess your business needs and to provide a solution to meet those needs. At NEC New Zealand, our consultancy services mean that we don’t just offer a one-size-fits all solution – our Networking solutions are tailored to your business needs, making sure you can operate at the highest level.
Efficient logistics
NEC offers exceptional value as a partner for customers with the experience and capability to deliver excellence in product procurement.

Why should you use our Networking solutions?

There are many reasons why our customers turn to NEC for their Networking solutions. Here are some of the main reasons to talk to us about a network solution for your business:

  • Strategic partnerships – at NEC we focus on partnerships with strategic vendors rather than selling everything to everyone.
  • Our certified presales team offer consultancy to customers first, ensuring we fully understand your business requirements before we make any recommendations about the best Networking solutions for your business.
  • Our nationwide field services and support teams offer round-the-clock support for your business, ensuring your business can operate to its full potential.
  • We offer turnkey solutions at NEC New Zealand and Networking provides the building blocks to a range of solutions offered by NEC.

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