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NEC’s biometrics and advanced video analytics solutions enable organisations in the Banking and Commercial sector to provide an enhanced customer experience, improve their operational efficiencies and increase safety and security, through fast and accurate identification of people.

Our solutions can be applied to banks, building societies, financial services organisations and insurance companies and can help to meet increasingly stringent regulatory compliance requirements.

Commercial organisations such as retail stores, hotels, casinos and airlines for example, benefit from our solutions through increased loyalty from a faster, more efficient customer experience.

Who we work with

Through our wide range of biometrics solutions, we work with a diverse range of business in the Banking and Commercial sectors to deliver world-leading solutions. These solutions include Safety and Security, Access and Authentication, Customer Experience and Digital Identity. Globally, we work with some of the world’s leading brands to deliver these solutions and these solutions are also being delivered right here in New Zealand.

Find out more about the solutions we are implementing across the Banking and Commercial sectors:



Facial Recognition provides a seamless experience for passengers from check-in to baggage drop to lounge access and boarding flights.

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Facial Recognition enables banks to provide an enhanced service to customers in-branch by automatically identifying approaching customers, allowing bank staff to provide a personalised welcome and furnish them with important information related to that customer.


Casinos, Gaming Venues & Betting Agencies

Facial Recognition supports host responsibility by recognising those people who have registered as problem gamblers or pro-actively excluded themselves from the venue.



Facial Recognition lets customers use their face to authorise payments rather than present a credit or debit card or cash. Fast and secure authorisation makes cashless and cardless payments possible.

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Facial Recognition is used across a
wide range of retail organisations for:

  • Customer experience – allows fast food companies to deliver an improved customer experience at self-service or ordering kiosks.
  • Loss prevention – alert staff to known shoplifters and trespassed individuals, reducing loss and improving recovery rates.
  • Engagement – deliver a more efficient, friction-free experience for VIPs, loyalty program members and known customers. Access shopping history, monitor check-out queues, total shopping times, analyse traffic patterns and operations.
  • Tailored advertising – to the estimated age and gender of the person viewing the advertising screen.

Case Studies

OCBC Bank Singapore

NEC’s NeoFace® helps OCBC Bank deliver an enhanced customer experience through Facial Recognition technology in their branches.

Merit Casinos, Cyprus

Tracking and screening customers in real time using NEC’s NeoFace® to increase safety and security while optimising manpower use and therefore improving operational efficiencies.

CaliBurger, USA

NEC’s NeoFace® is integrated with the CaliBurger loyalty programme using AI-enabled self-ordering kiosks which immediately accesses the customer’s loyalty account.

Delta Airlines, USA

Delta Airlines use NEC’s NeoFace® to create a seamless experience from check-in to boarding on their flights in the USA.

Lemon Tree Hotels, India

NEC’s NeoFace® helps deliver a more secure and elevated guest experience. Find out more in this recent case study.

Our biometrics solutions for Banking and Commercial sectors

NEC provides a wide range of biometrics solutions to organisations throughout the world. NEC New Zealand delivers innovative, world-leading technologies across a huge range of sectors including Banking and Commercial, to help provide an enhanced customer experience, improve operational efficiencies and increase safety and security, through fast and accurate identification of people.

Here are some of the technologies and solutions that are used in Banking and Commercial businesses:

Facial Recognition
Iris Recognition
Fingerprint and Palm Print Recognition
Enhanced Video Analytics
Access and Authentication
Customer Experience
Digital Identity
Safety and Security
Liveness Detection (anti-spoofing technology)

Why choose NEC for Banking and Commercial industry solutions?

With our wide range of experience globally and an expert team on the ground here in New Zealand, NEC is able to provide outstanding services and solutions to the Banking and Commercial sectors. Our biometrics solutions can be tailored to meet the key issues that are faced by organisations in these markets.

NEC’s biometrics can support the following key themes that the banking industry faces:

  • Customer-centric
  • Seamless customer experience
  • Increase the use of digital channels
  • Faster interactions and transactions
  • Reduce operational and regulatory risk
  • Improved security
  • Privacy of customer information (PII)
  • Digital transformation/operational efficiency

Commercial (casinos, gaming venues, betting agencies etc)
Host and corporate social responsibility is an increasingly important part of any casino, gaming venue and betting agency’s business. The adoption of NEC’s NeoFace® Facial Recognition solution will underpin strategies for organisations to deliver on their host responsibilities, promote responsible gaming and seek to minimise social harm.

Seamless Travel with Digital ID

What if you didn’t have to carry cash, credit cards or a passport when you travel? What if checking in for a flight or checking out at your favorite store was as simple as taking a selfie? What if there was one technology that could make your hotel, banking and entertainment experiences safe and simple?

It sounds too good to be true, yet that’s what NEC’s Digital ID promises to deliver in the future.

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