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NEC New Zealand’s ICT installation team are specialists in installing a full range of ICT equipment and solutions for our customers. Our team, working throughout the whole of New Zealand has expertise and experience in both legacy and the latest ICT infrastructure. Our nationwide offering is ideal for telecommunications providers, system integrators, or an organisation that requires the high-quality installation and configuration of network hardware.

By partnering with NEC, customers have the backing of a global brand with a dedicated and highly skilled New Zealand team, who they can manage to deliver the quality of workmanship demanded, on time and within budget.

What ICT Installation services do we provide?

When it comes to ICT Installation services, we offer an end-to-end service, from design to installation based on customer specifications. These services demand a team with a highly technical and specialised skill set. NEC’s experienced technicians provide this, with dedicated national coverage and a level of expertise that allows them to service the most complex requirements.

Services include:

  • Optical Fibre Planning, Design and Build
  • Fibre Testing/repair
  • DWDM, OTN –support and install
  • Core Network Infrastructure Build
  • Equipment Installation
  • Router Gateways/Switches
  • Transmission Circuits/Install and maintain
  • Datacentre Cabling
  • Cabinet work/Traffic management
  • Network simplification & optimisation


Leading the way in health and safety

In October 2020, NEC New Zealand was awarded a five-star rating for Health and Safety by Prequal. Prequal audits are carried out every two years and they are particularly relevant to our Field Service Teams and their ability to undertake work.

A strong Prequal score gives NEC New Zealand customers the confidence that when working out on site, our team will be operating under best practices when it comes to health and safety.
Out of 11 sections within the Prequal report, NEC scored the maximum score of 100% in four categories and a score of over 90% in a further four categories

Who we work with

Partnering with NEC means you can have the confidence of a trusted global brand with a dedicated, nationwide New Zealand team who have the experience and skill set to ensure even the most complex projects will run smoothly.

Engaging NEC means you don’t have to directly offer this service yourself, creating efficiencies across the board – costs, people, administration, and training.

Here are some of the customers we are currently working with here in New Zealand and examples of the ICT Installation work we carry out:


  • WAN Install/Upgrade
  • Installing CISCO routers into comms rooms
  • Phones/Wireless Access Points/Firewalls/Web Cams/4G Aerials

NZ Police

  • Install NEC equipment
  • Live scan unit – Fingerprint/Facial
  • Switch/Router Install
  • NEC Software Included

Environment Canterbury (ECan)

  • Smart Transport
  • Boxes in vehicle
  • Display screens in depot/terminal
  • Install, support, maintain
  • Sensors in terminal
  • Wi-Fi on bus


  • WAN Install/Upgrade
  • Installing CISCO routers into comms rooms
  • Phones/Wireless Access Points/Firewalls/Web Cams/4G Aerials
  • Installing of fibre cabling
  • Patch cabling
  • Install OTN (Optical Transport Network)

We truly believe that any ICT project is a critical solution and requires experienced, quality people who care about the standard and quality of workmanship & service they are providing. Talk to the team today

Why NEC?

At NEC, we know that ICT Installation requires a highly technical and specialised skill set, so in most cases, it is not feasible for businesses to invest the budget, time, and resources to build the capability internally when it is not your core business.

Because of this, many of our clients do not have a field service workforce team with the skills and experience required to carry out installations themselves.

By outsourcing this skill set, not only can our customers source the level of expertise and quality required but they can also then manage NEC as their trusted partner to deliver the quality of workmanship demanded, on time and within an agreed budget.
Here are just some of the reasons our customers choose NEC New Zealand:

  1. Accountability Accountability is a key pillar of our approach, ensuring the quality of workmanship is easily managed. It also means there is a consistency of work and quality delivery right across the country.
  2. Confidence Partnering with NEC allows customers to focus on their core business, assured with the confidence that they have the experience and skill set to take care of the job.
  3. End to end value The total value added through the full range of services available with NEC is significant. With a full project and service management framework in place, to ensure a fully managed service.


Spark Mobile/Cisco Mobile Packet Core Deployment

As New Zealand’s largest telecommunications and digital services company, Spark New Zealand has a powerful purpose: To help all New Zealand win big in a digital world. They believe that digital technology can make a significant, positive impact on our nation’s social and economic wellbeing. Technology can enable stronger, safer, more connected communities – even in the most remote rural areas.

Building pods to house a mobile packet core which provides all the functionality required to enable a device with wireless capabilities to connect to the cellular network independent of its radio technologies (4G, 5G, etc.) can be expensive both to install and to maintain. That’s where NEC New Zealand comes in.


Key features and benefits of NEC New Zealand’s ICT Installation services

We deliver the highest quality ICT solutions to our customers, for businesses all over New Zealand. Supported by a network of engineers and an expert back office team, along with our own meticulous attention to detail, the result is a world-class service, a rapid response to any request, and around-the-clock dependability.

Here are some of the features and benefits of working with NEC New Zealand’s Field Services team:

Our people
NEC’s key strength is built on the experience and skill set of our people. With decades of technical knowledge and quality delivery behind them, our highly specialised engineers know exactly what is required to complete projects to the highest standard, making smart recommendations that benefit our customers and ensuring even the most complex installations run smoothly.
Flexible and easy to work with
Not only are our team experienced, but at NEC, we pride ourselves on being flexible and easy to work with – we know needs change on an ongoing basis and we are there to support our customers as this happens.
Attention to detail
The NEC difference is that we truly care. We will never walk away from a job unless it is completed to the highest possible standard with every detail taken care of. Whatever is required, you can rest assured our team will always ensure first-class execution throughout.
Breadth of service
Our nationwide, full-service offering means NEC can be your trusted partner for all of your network service and maintenance requirements. NEC is a leading global brand with a local team that delivers the highest quality service and workmanship.

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