NEC ID is a biometric authentication solution designed to enhance customer experience and security. Built on NEC’s world-leading biometrics matching engine, the solution uses the same algorithm as many of the world’s leading identity management and security programmes in law enforcement, criminal justice, border control, civil identification, and defence personnel safety.

The solution provides access to biometrics enrolment and verification API’s so our customers can quickly, easily and cost-effectively access our biometrics engine for various needs:

• Risk & compliance
• Customer experience
• Operational efficiencies
• Health and safety
• Site access
• Identity theft/fraud

Fast and flexible, this cloud-based offering enables users to connect across multiple channels including smartphones, PCs, kiosks, tablets and interactive displays.

Who would benefit from NEC ID?

NEC’s biometric face recognition technology is used worldwide for fighting crime, preventing fraud and improving public safety. NEC ID is an extension of our world-leading technology and provides customers with a flexible and cloud-based solution that can seamlessly connect across multiple channels via a simple API.

Here are just some of the industries and sectors where NEC ID could be deployed:



• Staff access management
• Compliance – staff access to systems and patient records
• Patient identification for access to records


• Staff access to systems, student records and facilities
• Compliance – student verification for on-premise and online assessments
• Student access, systems, licensed software and rooms / facilities

ic_hospitality and retail


• Personalised service for VIP customers
• Customer membership verification
• Access to point of sale counters
• Authentication for online e-Commerce sites

Public Service

• Claims validation
• Multi-factor authentication for transactions
• Employees accessing spaces / systems in office

ic_banking and finance

Financial Services

• Multi-factor authentication for transactions
• Mobile app and internet service access
• Personalised services
• Employees accessing spaces / systems in office


• Customers greeted personally by staff
• Check-in or entry without physical pass / tickets
• Patient identification for access to records
• Employees accessing spaces / systems in office

Why NEC?

NEC has deployed its identification systems to over 1,000 customers in more than 30 countries. NEC leads the world in number of patents on sensor and matching technologies and delivers unsurpassed facial recognition technology accuracy and speed.

Independent testing carried out by the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) validates our status as a market leader. NEC ID matches both the subject’s biometric data with their metadata, allowing greater performance with 1:N matching. This is especially important for customers with large subject gallery sizes e.g. >1 million.

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Key features and benefits of NEC ID

Powered by NEC’s NeoFace facial recognition software, which is independently recognised as the global market leader according to the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) – exceeding all vendors in both accuracy and speed, NEC ID provides best of breed technology.

Here are some of the key features and benefits NEC ID:

Cloud-based (as opposed to device-based) biometric systems allow consumers to enrol multiple biometrics from a single device, and offer dynamic, universal, cross-channel access to digital services across applications and devices.
Consumption-based pricing means you only pay for what you use no significant upfront licence and implementation costs. Customers do not need to invest in building and hosting their own biometrics engine and domain capability.
NEC ID can scale to manage millions of identities and performs to meet very high throughput demands.
Easy to implement
Easy access to APIs that allows customers to easily integrate into their legacy systems. This allows a customer to innovate with biometrics in a time and cost-effective manner.
Easy to manage
Biometrics authentication replaces passwords, tokens, passes etc. – these can be costly, arduous, and easily forgotten, lost, stolen, or hacked.
Secure and private
Biometrics is much safer and more secure than traditional authentication methods. You cannot steal, forget or have stolen your face, voice or fingerprint and hacking is difficult as biometrics hashed templates are created – NEC doesn’t actually store the customer’s image at all.

Enhance your customer experience today

Biometrics is shaping the customer experience through laser-like personalisation. Unwieldy authentication measures once carried out by retail employees now happen instantly via powerful facial recognition technology, smoothing out and speeding up the customer journey.

NEC ID is the pinnacle of customer experience applications. Built on NEC’s renowned ‘NeoFace’ facial recognition technology, it is flexible and fully cloud-based so will seamlessly connect across multiple channels including kiosks, tablets and interactive displays.

With NEC ID, every customer is a VIP.

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