NEC is the global leader in the field of Biometric authentication. We started the R&D of Biometric authentication technologies including Fingerprint and Facial Recognition in the 1970s. NEC’s unique and highly accurate biometric authentication technology solutions are deployed worldwide.

What is biometrics?

Biometrics is the technical term for body measurements and calculations. It refers to metrics related to human characteristics. Biometrics authentication is used in computer science as a form of identification and access control.

Types of biometrics

NEC’s original Biometric authentication technologies cover six areas—Facial Recognition, Iris Recognition, Fingerprint/Palm Print Recognition, Finger Vein Recognition, Voice Recognition and Ear Acoustic Authentication. NEC is a global leader in biometric technology and many of these products and solutions are the best in their class in the world. NEC provides the most suitable solutions to customers’ needs with its Biometric authentication technologies. In addition, by combining multiple Biometric authentication systems, NEC’s solutions bring about even more robust Biometric security systems.

Our areas of expertise in biometrics

Enhanced Video Analytics

NEC’s Advanced Video Analytics provides real time facial recognition for “as it happens” video feeds and post event video analysis.

Iris Recognition

NEC is the global leader in the field of biometric authentication including Iris Recognition technology that uses patterns from the iris.

Fingerprint & Palm Recognition

NEC leads the market in accurate and fast finger and palm print biometric scanning, matching and recognition.

Facial Recognition

NEC’s biometric face recognition technology is used worldwide for fighting crime, preventing fraud and improving public safety.

Biometrics New Zealand

Here in New Zealand, NEC is a leader in the field of Biometrics. Our biometric technologies sit within our Bio-Idiom brand in various applications and in effective combinations to realise a world where anyone can utilise digital contents safely and securely. We work with some of New Zealand leading companies and government agencies in order to deliver biometric security solutions, helping to keep the public safe and secure

Biometric data

Biometric data is captured and stored securely in order to improve the identification of individuals within a specific setting. Whether that’s identifying troublemakers at a stadium event or validating an individual’s identity at border security, our biometric technology has a wide range of applications that can be deployed across a variety of industries and sectors.

Seamless Travel with Digital ID

What if you didn’t have to carry cash, credit cards or a passport when you travel? What if checking in for a flight or checking out at your favorite store was as simple as taking a selfie? What if there was one technology that could make your hotel, banking and entertainment experiences safe and simple?

It sounds too good to be true, yet that’s what NEC’s Digital ID promises to deliver in the future.


The Global Alliance for Vaccines and Immunizations (Gavi), NEC and Simprints

Gavi, NEC, and Simprints to deploy world’s first scalable child fingerprint identification solution to boost immunisation in developing countries


Uplift the air travel experience – a post-Covid flight plan

Throughout the pandemic, NEC has been working on a number of solutions to help to arrest the spread of COVID-19. NEC’s iQuarantine application is a mobile check-in and case management system that allows users to report their location and health status from their own homes.

Drawing on our experience with Delta Airlines in the US, we continue to work on new solutions to unify requirements into one complete solution.


NEC iQuarantine App for Returning Students

Project lead NEC New Zealand have proposed an end to end quarantine approach to the Ministry of Business Innovation and Employment to develop and deploy a pilot programme for a managed quarantine solution that will help New Zealand to safely open its borders to international students.

The solution will help breathe life into the NZ$9 billion New Zealand export education sector, after the country closed its borders in its early response to the global Covid-19 pandemic.

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