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NEC’s Green Initiative

As society becomes more aware of environmental issues, governments throughout the world are pressing ahead with a range of measures to address these issues and protect the environment. However, environmental efforts have now moved beyond simple protection; they are also having an impact on the business world. Policies such as the United States’ Green New Deal are about to create a large and booming environmental business market.

The NEC Vision

In Europe, green communications technologies are drawing attention, stimulating the activities of telecommunications operators. Public organisations are accelerating their efforts to reduce energy consumption and increasing investments in low-energy technologies and products. In the private sector, companies are looking to participate in emissions trading schemes to meet anticipated strict environmental regulations and are focusing on visualising their carbon footprints in response to consumers’ growing interest in environmental issues.

Along with these trends, the social role of NEC is also growing. We announced our vision: “to be a leading global company leveraging the power of innovation to realise an information society friendly to humans and the earth”. This means that we will expand our efforts further by making protection of the global environment one of the primary goals of our core businesses. This vision signals our intention to tackle new challenges head-on so as to help build a low-carbon society.

NEC’s Environmental Business Vision: To realise a society friendly to humans and the Earth

NEC will tackle all-new challenges by using ICT in accordance with our environmental business vision. To achieve this, we must review our current businesses and workflows from an environmental viewpoint, use ICT to expand people’s awareness, and improve productivity and energy efficiency by eliminating waste.

Today’s society is flooded with information. Enormous amounts of information can be collected and precisely monitored on computers by using networks. Data on environmental impact can be visualised by systematising (organising), analysing, and simulating information, and energy efficiency can be realised by automatically controlling devices and process flows. The objective of our environmental business vision is to realise a low-carbon society by circulating information through society, networks, and computers.

What are the seven fields connected by ICT in NEC’s environmental business vision?

The way to reduce environmental impact varies depending on the type of business. We, therefore, divided our environmental business concept into seven fields: industry, business, energy, transport, home, people, and nature. We plan to achieve our goals by connecting these seven fields using a common ICT-based platform.

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The seven fields connected by ICT Infographic

For example, total energy consumption can be optimised by regularly monitoring the energy consumption of each ICT devices and equipment scattered around an office building, which can lead to fundamental energy savings.

Energy savings at home can be fine-tuned by being smart and using low-priced electricity, such as by charging storage batteries during night time when the electricity rate is lower and using charged batteries during daytime. By visualising their power consumption, people can boost energy-saving efforts at home.

NEC has the know-how accumulated over decades to develop and supply high value-added products and services to the emerging environmental market.


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