Transport Management Solution

NEC is leveraging the power of ICT to solve social and economic issues such as traffic congestion in public transport. By applying the experience it has cultivated over many years of delivering successful projects to customers, NEC is contributing to achieving a more eco-friendly public transportation infrastructure. Transport Management Solution (TMS) is the integration of a number of solutions for effective transport management. These include:

Schedule Optimisation System
This uses the Excess Wait Time (EWT) index to evaluate vehicle operation reliability by measuring the average additional wait time that passengers experience at depots and stops. The closer EWT is to zero the better the regularity and predictability of service.
• Accident Reduction System
Reduce commercial vehicle accidents using vehicle operation data, accident videos and drive recorders and telemetrics.
• Driver Profiling System
Analyse data from fleet systems, driver behavioural data and driver experience data using telematics and sensors to predict increased risks and mitigations such as enhanced driver training.

Schedule Optimisation System

The Schedule Optimisation System (SOS) provides the bus schedules per route that hit the lowest EWT, optimising the bus operator’s corporate asset, such as available fleets and bus drivers. The SOS also considers any restrictions such as bus travel time between stops and between depots as well as labour factors such as break time and maximum working hours. This system is extremely flexible and can be tailored to operators large and small.

Accident Reduction System

NEC’s Accident Reduction System (ARC) is a solution that aims to reduce commercial vehicle accidents using vehicle operation data and video of accidents and dangerous driving obtained with drive recorders.

The ARC takes advantage of the latest cloud technology as the data centre which records the vehicle operation data is cloud-based and can be accessed from anywhere. This means significant cost reductions can be made compared to an asset management solution (i.e. purchasing software).

Driver Profiling System

The Driver Profiling System (DPS) is integrated with NEC’s analytics engine to predict bus accidents, by analysing big data. Analysed data includes fleet information, driving behaviour, and bus driver features such as driving experience obtained from the driver management system. Driving behaviour data is based on onboard telematics sensors installed by NEC, monitoring speeds, accelerators, harsh deceleration, abrupt lane change, travel time etc.

NEC’s Transport Management solution is a flexible integration of a number of solutions and can be tailored to suit your requirements. Speak to us today and find out how TMS can help your business.

Who should use NEC Transport Management System?

With a focus on flexibility, NEC’s Transport Management Solution can be tailored to suit operators and agencies large and small. Our focus is on providing cost-effective solutions that not only tackle customer experience on public transport, but also impact on passenger safety and improve driving behaviour.

Here are some of the main reason why operators and agencies are working with NEC with a desire to provide:

  • Optimise vehicle numbers and operations for increased efficiency
  • Maximise commuter safety
  • Optimise driver performance
  • Predict and avoid accidents, vehicle spacing uses and excess wait time

NEC works with agencies and operators to provide small scale and nationwide solutions to enhance the customer experience and improve safety when travelling on public transport.

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