Law enforcement

Using stand alone, mobile or kiosk applications, police and law enforcement agencies worldwide utilise fingerprint and palm print services for enrolment and identification, in order to prevent and solve crime.


Image enrolment and templating for passports, visitor visa applications via computer of mobility solutions. Facial Recognition for smartgates and contactless immigration processing.


Reduce the likelihood of administering incorrect prescription but using highly accurate fingerprint recognition of patients and ensure the correct health services are being delivered to the correct patient at all times.

Small and Medium Business (SMB) and Enterprise

Businesses can utilise the finger and palm print technology to recognise and greet staff, customers and anyone pre-registered on the database as well as permitting or denying access to sensitive areas.

Border control

Enrol new visitors and/or recognise return visitors or residents upon arrival at the airport. Fast matching with other systems for effective and safe border control.