Enterprise Information Management

Enterprise Information Management (EIM) is an integrative discipline for structuring, describing and governing information assets across organisational and technological boundaries to improve efficiency, promote transparency and enable business insight (Source: Gartner).

KMD, an NEC Company, develops IT solutions designed to meet every aspect of the changing digital needs of modern societies and organisations. Included in their portfolio of solutions is KMD WorkZone – an Enterprise Information Workflow solution that we are pleased to bring to the New Zealand market.

What is KMD WorkZone?

KMD WorkZone offers the functionality to cover organisation’s need for knowledge sharing, knowledge management systems, case management, calendar management, meeting and archiving of e-mails as well as general secretarial tasks.

WorkZone makes it possible to collect and store all communication with citizens, customers, and businesses, including letters, forms, telephone notes, emails, meeting minutes, pictures, sound and video files in one system.

Who we work with

Sometimes referred to as a case management solution, KMD WorkZone has been widely deployed in Denmark where several major public institutions have implemented the solution including Copenhagen Regional Government, Danish Defence, Danish Customs and Tax Administration and the Ministry of Environment.

Here in New Zealand, this is a new solution to the market and at this stage, however we expect interest from the following sectors:

Public Sector

Who are KMD?

KMD mainly provides software and IT services in Denmark through business models that generate profit continuously on a recurring basis, such as software as a service (SaaS) offerings. Specifically, KMD has a strong customer base among central and local governments and has a wide variety of software for supporting the digitisation of Denmark. In addition, KMD has a successful track record of executing strategic M&A which has broadened its service offering in a number of key verticals.

NEC acquired KMD, the largest Danish IT company in December 2018, seeing the acquisition as a good match with its strategic ambitions within the public sector. KMD has solid experience and a strong portfolio of software in this market segment. NEC technology and KMD software have many synergistic opportunities and both parties are benefitting from the exchange and integration of products, know-how and competencies.

WorkZone is an EIM platform
comprising numerous disciplines


Key features and benefits of KMD’s WorkZone Enterprise Information Management Solution

KMD WorkZone provides an increased overview of case handling and compliance which leads to a better citizen experience.

KMD WorkZone meets all market standards for document management functionality, including format conversion, versioning, document and case references, approvals, workflow, audit trails, access management, tagging, classification and indexing.

Key features and benefits include:


Users can choose how they want the functionality presented. There is a web-based client, offering the user the entire feature set including a dashboard that can be easily customised to suit and support the user’s tasks.

Another entrance to the functionality is KMD WorkZone for Office: an interface that is seamlessly integrated and embedded into the Microsoft Office Suite.

WorkZone Mobile is a mobile solution for both online and offline use. It is a phone and tablet application that allows you to read, comment, approve or reject tasks assigned to you.
Streamline processes

KMD WorkZone comes with built-in processes for submissions and hearings.

There is a standard package with extended processes for the public sector, including processing of requests for access to information.
A fully configurable workflow system from Microsoft is built into KMD WorkZone, which can be used by the customers to digitize their specific processes.

KMD WorkZone is operated from where you already work, in Outlook, in Word, in Windows Explorer, on your mobile device or from our dedicated web client.
Improve efficiencies

KMD WorkZone provides the necessary tools for monitoring case processing times to comply with processing deadlines.

The EIM solution can save on IT operations by consolidating into a single case management system with centralised operation allowing for one point of entry to documents, cases, and shared knowledge.

KMD WorkZone allows for improved efficiency and better quality in case processing through digital process support and workflow.

Who should use Enterprise Information Management solutions like KMD WorkZone?

Sometimes referred to as a case KMD WorkZone is predominantly targeted at public sector organisations and KMD is already working with several high profile departments in Denmark. Here in New Zealand, government agencies who would benefit from KMD WorkZone include those who recognise:

  1. A need for consolidation of bespoke IT systems with a standard Case Management system
  2. A wish to drive faster case processing through use of common standard processes
  3. A need for optimising the flow of information to/from citizens
  4. A lack of usability in existing solutions and processes

If this sound like you, don’t hesitate to get in touch today, and discover how KMD WorkZone can improve your efficiency and workflow procedures.

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