Papercast is a real-time passenger information specialist, with a focus on e-paper bus stop displays.

With a vision to improve the customer experience and overall utilisation of public transport by keeping passengers more reliably informed, they are committed to ensuring that their e-paper passenger information technology remains at the forefront of making this a reality.

Leveraging our global partnership, NEC and Papercast bring to New Zealand a best in class sustainable capability that enables an enhanced customer experience in Smart Transport using e-paper displays.

Our partnership with Papercast

Leveraging each other’s strengths, NEC New Zealand and Papercast enjoy a strong partnership which enhances NEC’s solution stack in the field of Smart Transport. Our partnership allows NEC New Zealand to deliver the most advanced e-paper passenger information system available on the market right here in New Zealand.


What do Papercast say?

“Our vision is to improve the customer experience and overall utilisation of public transport by keeping passengers more reliably informed. We are committed to helping as many service providers as possible to transition to next generation technologies by overcoming the barriers of traditional bus stop displays. We have achieved this with our e-paper passenger information display technology that is future-proof and easy to implement.”

Papercast Products and Solutions

NEC New Zealand partners with Papercast to deliver a wide range of Smart Transport solutions to the New Zealand market. Papercast has developed one of the most advanced solutions of its kind available on the market today and is transforming the way passenger information is provided at public transport stations and stops.

Due to the unique characteristics of e-paper technology, the displays are readable from all angles under direct sunlight and at night with illumination, delivering a superior user experience. With a variety of screen sizes and configurations available, operators can provide a wide range of live, detailed travel information to passengers using the sophisticated and intuitive content management system.

Products and solutions we can deliver here in New Zealand include:

E-paper Displays

Delivering real-time passenger information using solar-powered, sunlight-readable, weather and vandal proof e-paper displays, with wireless connectivity.

Standalone display products

Ruggedised IP65 fully standalone, solar-powered e-paper displays are supplied in an enclosure with toughened front glass, designed for easy installation to an existing pole or wall and come in a range of sizes

Open frame display products

Ruggedised IP65, solar-powered e-paper displays are supplied in an aluminium enclosure with toughened front glass, designed to offer the ultimate flexibility to enable installation within the customers own street furniture or as standalone displays. They come in a range of sizes.

All Papercast displays are available with the following optional features:

  • Illumination: Embedded LED lighting enhances screen visibility in the dark.
  • Interactive: Customisable buttons support different information and languages.
  • Text-to-Speech: User activated announcement on upcoming services.

Solar Power

Designed for sustained high performance and to complement the contemporary design of Papercast e-paper displays.

  • Single Solar Power Kit (20W)
  • Double Solar Power Kit (40W)

Content Management

Cloud-based content management system offers instant GTFS, GTFS RT and SIRI integration, as well as sophisticated content management tools, display monitoring and auto-diagnostics.

Better ETA

Optional enhanced analytics improves the accuracy of bus arrival predictions while offering insight on real-time and historical service performance.

Who is using Papercast Solutions?

Papercast work with a huge range of partners and customers throughout the world, delivering world-leading display solutions. Here is just a selection of some of the organisations currently using Papercast solutions:

Energy International
MTA New York City Transit
Transport for London
Transport for Greater Manchester

Case Studies


Europe’s largest intercity bus provider is furthering its mission to change the way millions of people travel in Europe by teaming up with Papercast to trial solar-powered e-paper bus stop technology.

Stadwerke Bonn Bus und Bahn (SWBV)

The Bonn municipal citizen service authority is trialling Papercast e-paper bus stop displays as part of its long-term goal to provide sustainable mobility services to the public.


Transforms bus transportation in Kuwait with the first-ever electronic passenger information service. The end-to-end solution from Papercast also features industry-first solar-powered e-paper technology for the GCC states.

West Berkshire Council (WBC)

United Kingdom local council has installed an innovative information display at one of its busiest bus stops, using Papercast solar-powered e-paper bus stop displays.

Benefits and features of Papercast products and solutions

NEC has been operating services in New Zealand for over 30 years, working with both Government and Private sector businesses. Delivering Papercast is another step on our journey into delivering Smart Transport services to New Zealanders.

Here are some of the benefits and features of Papercast products and solutions:

High contrast HD e-ink display
Excellent visibility in all lighting conditions, even in direct sunlight. Optional LED illumination available for night-time.
Market Leading power and data performance
Exceptionally low energy consumption means the displays can be solar powered, no mains supply needed.
Optimised wireless data compression and transmission
The displays are wirelessly connected to the cloud-base content management systems, no connectivity cables required.
Standard and custom display configuration
Wide range of display options to meet individual street furniture and content requirements, including customer branding.
Local content rendering and partial screen update
Improve the user experience with seamless refresh of content, also optimises power and data consumption.
Ruggedised IP65-rated enclosure with accelerometer
The displays have a high protection rating that can withstand most extreme environmental conditions, including vandal prevention.
Standalone off-grid display, installed in hours
Solar power and wireless connectivity mean the displays can be easily installed in any location within hours, no mains power needed.
Bespoke cloud based advanced management system
Effortlessly manage every display including monitoring , diagnostics and advanced content publishing tools for custom layouts.
Simple integration supporting major open standards
Show live arrival times thanks to easy integration with major open data standards such as GTFS and SIRI.

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