Open Innovation Centre

Located in Singapore, the NEC Open Innovation Centre (OIC) is a state-of-the-art facility which infuses market-leading NEC technologies and a deep partner ecosystem to offer cutting-edge solutions in public safety based on biometrics and artificial intelligence. With a focus on smarter and safer cities, the OIC forms a part of the wider NEC innovation eco-system, and reaffirms NEC’s commitment to foster open innovation and partnerships with the private and public sectors.

The exhibits and solutions in the OIC are developed in-house by a team of engineers and developers from the Innovation and Transformation Office based on NEC’s next generation safety and security technologies.

Experience the future of smarter and safer cities

NEC employs some of the most cutting edge technologies to create a safe, seamless and secure environment for all. The Open Innovation Centre is a thematic showcase that allows visitors to experience technology and trusted digital ID in a smart city context.


Stepping into this thematic showcase, visitors get a sense of the NEC technologies that are set to make a difference in everyday life. In the comfort of a home, they can enroll themselves in NEC’s face recognition system, immersing in a live, real-time experience as they walk through each demo at the innovation centre.

With their faces as their ID, they will be able to experience NEC’s cutting-edge capabilities that seamlessly work across sectors, such as commerce, fintech, aviation, retail and law enforcement. This starts with the first step in the home zone.

Personalised AI Welcome
Government E-Services


Here, face recognition enables a safer, more convenient city life through various applications in commerce, fintech, and transportation. Harnessing NEC capabilities in digital ID and safer cities, this zone shows how cities of the future can evolve to enhance the lives of citizens.

Visitors get a working example of retail transformation, where customers pay for items with their faces as their ID and where retailers constantly improve services by analysing customer behaviour in-store. City authorities monitor crowd behaviour through video analytics and commuters know which subway cabin is less crowded and get ready to board at the right position on a platform.

Frictionless Transport


Friction-less travel is the future of air travel as more people take to the skies to reach new destinations. In this zone, visitors check in their luggage, go through immigration and security checks and board a plane without using a single physical ID, like a passport. Their ID is their face, which lets them through the multiple touch points with minimal delay.

Here, visitors can also see an NEC command centre in action. A live system shows them where they have been earlier in the centre as they visited the various demos on show. As a true, real-time demo, the innovation centre creates a smart log of these visits throughout the day.

Command Centre
Boarding and Exit

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