Passenger Information System/Transit Management System

As part of NEC’s Public Safety solutions, the NEC Transit Management System (TMS) and Passenger Information Systems (PIS) provide Transit Agencies and Public Transport Operators with effective, data-powered tools for fleet and vehicle planning, performance measurement, fleet location monitoring with the aim to streamline operations and improve services to commuters and passengers.

The real-time, multi-users environment incorporates several modular solutions:

• Service performance and planning
On-time performance, service regularity and predictability can all be improved by monitoring adherence to vehicle route and the schedule, adherence to predicted ETAs and the monitoring of wait times.
• Incident Management
Provides incident visibility and management to enable an overall assessment of how a fleet is performing, utilising voice and data messaging.
• Data collection and Analysis
TMS systems create a large amount of real-time data over short time periods, which requires analysis and interpretation. NEC provides tools for data analysis to support performance and passenger patronage reporting.

NEC Passenger Information System and Transit Management System at a glance

Passengers and riders are at the core of the service management platform that is designed to be focussed centrally on customer experience.

Passenger Information System (PIS)

NEC’s real-time “prediction engine” uses multi-dimensional statistics and correlations which, by monitoring vehicle location, route, route progress and routing deviations, provides onboard passengers with accurate ETAs to their destination and accurate ETAs for passengers waiting for the arrival of their transport.

Onboard Visual and Audio Annunciation (AVAS)

Multi-lingual audio and text announcements and information onboard the vehicle, linked to the vehicle’s route. By monitoring variables such as vehicle route, speed, distance to travel and any expected deviations, the progress of the vehicle is communicated to the travellers for every stop on the route.

Data Analysis and Real Time Management

Monitoring progress in real time, against predicted route, taking into account any deviations, to monitoring over several defined performance variables such as wait times.

Business Intelligence (BI)

BI and visualisation tools, dashboards and reporting using centralised data with decision support tools for ongoing improvement in services and lowering of operational costs.

Transport Management Systems value added solutions

NEC can provide several additional and valuable extensions and systems to TMS that provide additional benefits. These include:

  • Eco-drive sensors and telematics that monitor and analyse driving behaviours such as speeding, rapid acceleration/deceleration and sudden lane changes. These sensors are linked to provide visual clues and alerts to drivers and data is collated by a centralised tracking and reporting system.
  • Analytics to identify high-risk driving behaviours for proactive mitigation of risks and enhanced passenger safety.
  • Analysis of vehicle bunching and gapping to assist maintaining regular spacing to reduce wait times and to increase ETA predictability.

Who should use NEC Passenger Information Systems and Transit Management Systems

Public transport is a huge industry both here in New Zealand and worldwide. NEC New Zealand is at the leading edge of technologies that are not only making public transport more accessible, it’s also making public transport safer. Whether your focus is on improving the customer experience or improving public safety, NEC has a wide range of solutions within our Passenger Information Systems and Transit Management Systems suite that can be tailored to meet your requirements.

Here are some of the main reasons why operators and agencies work with NEC and utilise our PIS and TMS solutions as they have a desire to provide:

  • Transportation services making commuter or passenger journeys safer, more enjoyable, more predictable and more comfortable
  • Transportation systems that are able to integrate multiple technologies such as railways and buses, together with a common ticket or fare card system to serve all systems
  • Passengers and commuters with the ability to easily and seamlessly transfer from one mode of transport to another
  • A full turnkey solution from design, build and commission, with a proven track record of collaborations with local partners and authorities worldwide
  • In station-and-train-borne communication systems, bus telematics systems and transportation control systems to enhance the service excellence, making rides safer and more efficient for passengers and drivers
  • Commuters the ability to plan their journeys better, with passenger information and display systems to provide commuters the estimated arrival times of the next service, and understand the routes easily
  • The ability to allow commuters to be able to access data online or on-the-go via mobile applications.

NEC works with agencies and operators to provide small scale and nationwide solutions to enhance the customer experience and improve safety when travelling on public transport.

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