Passenger Information Display Systems

Passenger information is at the heart of any successful transport system, enabling individuals to smoothly transit from one stage of their journey to the next. Whether they’re travelling by train, bus or taxi – information is crucial in helping people get to where they are going in the smoothest possible way.

Passenger Information Display Systems (PIDS) are a vital cog in this process. Previously, people relied on information desks and helpful staff members to guide them to where they are going. Today, people have been replaced by PIDS across many transit terminals and touchpoints, cutting down on staff time and making the whole process more efficient.

Who we work with

NEC New Zealand has partnered with Papercast to deliver PIDS here in New Zealand. Papercast offers a completely future-proof replacement for legacy electronic display systems and traditional paper timetables, whilst providing the ideal technology platform for smart city public transport information solutions.

In partnering with Papercast, NEC New Zealand has the capacity to work with companies and organisations across a wide range of sectors and these include:

National Government
Local Government
Transport Agencies

Public transport providers strive to increase ridership by providing better quality services and improving the customer experience. Providing access to real-time arrival information is proven to decrease the perceived and actual wait times for passengers and improve satisfaction. Digital bus stops are ideal for operators that want a more dynamic, speedy and effective way to keep passengers informed with accurate bus arrival times and other service information.

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Why NEC?

NEC has been working in the Transportation sector for a number of years and more recently, have been pioneers in the area of Smart Transport solutions. Our partnership with Papercast allows us to offer world-leading technology solutions right here in New Zealand, continuing our journey to pioneer the way people travel.

Papercast is revolutionising the way public transport operators provide timely and accurate passengers information at bus stops. The unique attributes of e-paper make it ideal for outside use, with unbeatable screen visibility, even in direct sunlight. Couple this with solar power and wireless connectivity to the cloud-based management system and the displays can be easily installed anywhere, completely off-grid in a matter of hours.

NEC has over 30 years of experience working with customer in New Zealand. We are a global brand with local kiwi flavour. Enabling New Zealanders is our key objective.


Key features and benefits of Papercast’s Passenger Information Display Systems

Papercast supports NEC’s Smart Transport business, providing a superior product which enables a rich customer experience for real-time passenger information. With Papercast’s solar capability, we are supporting a green New Zealand, providing a sustainable product.

Leveraging our global partnership, NEC and Papercast bring to New Zealand a best in class sustainable capability that enables an enhanced customer experience in Smart Transport using e-paper displays.

Some of the features and benefits of Papercast’s Passenger Information Display Systems Include:

High Contrast HD e-ink displays
Excellent visibility in all lighting conditions, even in direct sunlight. Optional LED illumination available for night-time.
Market leading power and data performance
Exceptionally low energy consumption means the displays can be solar powered, no mains power supply required.
Optimised wireless data compression and transmission
The displays are wirelessly connected to the cloud-based content management systems, no connectivity cables required.
Standard and custom display configurations
Wide range of display options to meet individual street furniture and content requirements, including customer branding.
Local content rendering and partial screen update
improves the user experience with seamless refresh of content, also optimises power and data consumption.
Ruggedised IP65-rated enclosure with accelerometer
The displays have a high protection rating that can withstand the most extreme environment conditions, including vandal prevention.

NEC has over 30 years’ experience working with customers in New Zealand. We are a global brand with a local kiwi flavour.
Enabling New Zealanders is our key objective.


The key benefits of working with NEC – what sets us apart?

Whilst the benefits and features of Papercast products and solutions are crucial, why should you choose to work with NEC New Zealand to deliver your passenger Information Display Systems? Here are some of the benefits to your business of working with NEC:

  1. Reduce operating costs: Reduce costs and environmental impact by replacing legacy LCD with energy-efficient solar-powered e-paper.
  2. Technology refresh: Future-proof platform for a planned technology refresh, flexible screen area meets changing business and passenger needs.
  3. Smart city solution: Ideal passenger information technology platform to improve the perception and use of public transport in smart city strategies.
  4. Customer experience: Provide more informative content on sophisticated high-resolution e-paper displays, available in different sizes.
  5. Take control: Deliver accurate service information to all bus stops across the network, even in the most remote locations.
  6. Replace paper content: No need to manually replace outdated paper-based bus stop content, that doesn’t always reflect the expected service.

NEC Smart Transport Services

NEC is at the forefront of providing technology for the transport industry all around the world.

Through our smart ticketing soultions, our operational intelligence systems, safety and security platforms and customer focused tools, our smart transport services are changing the way we think, plan and undertake our journeys.

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