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Palo Alto Networks are world leaders in cyber security. Palo Alto provides next-generation firewalls and cloud security with an integrated approach to threat detection and prevention. They are used in all levels of New Zealand Government and add a layer of security to the NEC ICT portfolio.

Palo Alto Networks offers the world’s most innovative and effective, complete next-generation security platform that protects our way of life in the digital age by preventing successful cyber attacks. Built from the ground up for breach prevention, with threat information shared across security functions system-wide, and designed to operate in increasingly mobile, modern networks.

Our partnership with Palo Alto Networks

Here at NEC, we enjoy a strong partnership with Palo Alto Networks. We have a skilled team of presales and Field Service engineers who are Palo Alto certified. We use Palo Alto Networks for our own Cyber Security needs here at NEC and have a great understanding of the support services they offer.


What do Palo Alto say?

“Palo Alto are the global cybersecurity leader, known for always challenging the security status quo.

Our mission is to protect our way of life in the digital age by preventing successful cyberattacks. This has given us the privilege of safely enabling tens of thousands of organisations and their customers. Our pioneering Security Operating Platform emboldens their digital transformation with continuous innovation that seizes the latest breakthroughs in security, automation, and analytics. By delivering a true platform and empowering a growing ecosystem of change-makers like us, we provide highly effective and innovative cybersecurity across clouds, networks, and mobile devices.”

Palo Alto Products and Solutions

NEC partner with Palo Alto Networks to deliver a wide range of products and solutions to the New Zealand market. As well as providing world-leading products, we also offer consultancy and auditing solutions for businesses large and small, run in partnership with Palo Alto. Here are some of the products and solutions we offer in partnership with Palo Alto:

Auditing Services

NEC with Palo Alto Networks provides a health check and configuration audit service that provides a proactive examination of your deployment and its operating conditions. A health check provides insight into the state of the environment and uncovers possible issues. The configuration audit compares your firewall settings with best practices. Together, these services help you stay on top of your deployment to maintain problem-free operation.

Consultancy Services

In partnership with Palo Alto, we assess your business needs and challenges and provide the solutions to enable your business to grow, empowering employees whilst maintaining complete visibility and the control needed to protect your critical control systems and most valued data assets.

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Who is using Palo Alto Networks Solutions?

Our partnership with Palo Alto Networks here in New Zealand means we work with a wide range of companies and organisations to deliver market-leading solutions. Here is a sample of the sectors in which we deliver Palo Alto solutions:

Enterprise business
Power utilities

NEC New Zealand utilises Palo Alto for our own Cyber Security needs as well as working with government agencies like IANZ and the Hauraki District Council.

Benefits and features of Palo Alto Networks products and solutions

As certified engineers and a partner of Palo Alto Networks, NEC New Zealand can offer unprecedented support for Palo Alto products and solutions here in NZ. NEC has a deep understanding of all Palo Alto products and solutions and our auditing and consultancy services mean we can get a full understanding of your business requirements and provide the best solutions tailored to your business needs.

Here are some of the benefits and features of Palo Alto Networks products and solutions:

Improving security and efficiency
Building security that simply detects threats and requires a manual response is too little, too late, as once your data goes out the door, your risks and costs increase exponentially. Manual remediation does little to reduce risk, is expensive in terms of time and money, and distracts from the identification of true threats. The Palo Alto Networks Next-Generation Security Platform is designed to enable automated prevention of cyber attacks to reduce the increased risks and costs associated with detection and remediation.
Securing innovation
Security should not be an impediment to the adoption of new mobility, SaaS, public or private cloud technologies that enable productivity. Only a natively integrated security platform, with components across these rapidly evolving enterprise technology environments, can keep pace with modern attackers, who draw no distinction as to the location of their target. Your organisation should enjoy the same protection against cyber attacks regardless of how or where your applications and data reside.
Natively integrated
Palo Alto solutions feature technologies that leverage a single-pass prevention architecture to exert positive control based on applications, users, and content to reduce organisational attack surface, that support open communication, orchestration, and visibility, and enable consistent security posture from the network, to the cloud, to the endpoint.
Automated solutions
Creation and delivery of protection mechanisms against new threats to network, cloud, and endpoint environments.
Extensibility and flexibility
Allows for protection of customers as they expand, move off their physical network, or adopt new technologies.
Threat intelligence sharing
Provides protection by taking advantage of the network effects of a community of comprehensive global threat data to minimise the spread of attacks.

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