Enhanced Video Analytics (EVA)

Building upon 3 decades of biometric leadership, Enhanced Video Analytics (EVA) takes real-time biometrics capture to a new level. NEC’s NeoFace watch system leverages NEC’s acknowledged and tested leadership in real time Facial Recognition for “as it happens” video feeds and post-event video analysis.

From the plethora of video cameras used for public safety to specialised video monitoring systems for highly secure areas, the ability to identify moving individuals is becoming increasingly critical.

At NEC, we’re constantly developing new ways to apply this technology and we collaborate with our customers to generate innovative ideas. Our R&D team fine-tune the technology to help customers achieve their business objectives in the most efficient and cost effective way.

Who we work with

For real-time or post-event video analysis using video capture devices from many manufacturers, NEC’s EVA systems are trusted by corporations, the aviation industry, public safety, hospitality, law enforcement and government agencies for identification and authorisation of individuals, using the same National Institute of Standard and Technology (NIST) validated facial recognition algorithms, even if the source video is low resolution, poor image quality or captured in challenging light or circumstances such as low angle capture.

Public Safety and Law Enforcement

Using building or pole mounted cameras, EVA is used to identify watchlist individuals. Use cases are many and varied: from controlling who can sit in courtroom public galleries (avoiding the presence of individuals who may desire to intimidate witnesses with their presence) to identifying known troublemakers at public events such as concerts and public gatherings. Post event video analysis is also used to identify individuals should issues occur that require investigation.

Hospitality and Retail

Many examples including identifying problem gamblers entering casinos, or watchlist individuals entering hotels. EVA is also used to identify high value individuals, repeat customers or VIP’s in the retail and hospitality environments to enable the delivery of enhanced or elevated service levels. EVA can also be used to understand customer movements and likely purchasing patterns in malls or retail environments for targeted service or advertising or identify shoplifting repeat offenders before offending can take place.


EVA allows health organisations to identify non-authorised individuals to lower crime and elevate employee, patient and public safety.

Small and Medium Business (SMB) and Enterprise

EVA allows businesses to identify and process authorised individuals as they approach sensitive or secure areas allowing access without interruption as well as identify repeat and high value customers for enhanced service levels.

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Border control

Contactless immigration processes using video facial recognition and analytics that do not require the presentation of a passport at the gate, are being implemented and trialled worldwide. EVA has the potential to radically improve the customer border arrival experience via simplified “walk through” arrivals processes and dramatically shortened timeframes.

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With air travel growing 6% per annum, increased efficiency in passenger processing is critical. EVA can help to identify VIPs or frequent flyers entering an airport to simplify their check-in and bag check services.

Whatever industry or sector you work in, if you are considering installing video monitoring or capture systems, speak to the world leaders here at NEC.

Who should use NeoFace Enhanced Video Analysis

There are many reasons why our customers turn to Enhanced Video Analytics and Video Facial Recognition as a public safety and security solution. Here are some of the main reasons to talk to us about EVA today.

If you:

  • Have camera image and video capture environment and you want a simple, biometric way to identify individuals on the move or in a live environment
  • Wish to identify or enable access for individuals on the go without interrupting their passage or workflow
  • Wish to identify unknown or unrecognised individuals within your facilities
  • Have a need to count people or monitor queue lengths
  • Need a fast and accurate way to grant or deny access to sensitive systems or facilities
  • Want to accurately ensure you are delivering services or treatment to the correct individuals was they move around your environment
  • Have thousands of individuals passing per minute and you wish to monitor movements and access
  • Need to match many people quickly
  • Have video footage that need to be analysed in real time or post event

NEC Biometrics lead the world in accuracy and speed, including real time and post event video footage, providing solutions for over three decades, locally and internationally.

As the world’s population increases with increased public participation at events and venues such as airports, retail and hospitality venues, ensuring the right access by the right individuals to the correct facilities or the identification of those who should now enjoy such access or who represent some form of threat becomes increasingly important.

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