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A person’s face continues to be the most widely used way of identifying that person. The speed, accuracy and reliability of Facial Recognition technology have significantly improved in recent years. New advances in machine learning have improved speed and accuracy leading to low false positive rates and low false acceptance rates.

NEC’s NeoFace® technology is the world’s leading Facial Recognition solution, as independently tested by the US Government’s National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST), for facial recognition from still images as well as from real-time or recorded video, delivering highly accurate identification under the most demanding of conditions.

NEC’s award-winning identity matching solutions help law enforcement agencies globally solve crime fast. NeoFace® is used worldwide to protect critical infrastructure, ensure safety at large scale events, and improve security at airports and borders.

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NEC’s NeoFace® technology is specifically designed for national security, border control, retail loss prevention and customer recognition. NeoFace® easily integrates with existing systems and applications, enhancing security by extracting faces in real-time from video streams and instantly matching them against a watch list of enrolled individuals. When the system identifies and matches a person from that watch list, NeoFace® can raise an alert so appropriate actions can be taken.

This technology has a wide range of applications across a number of sectors. Here is just a selection of the industries in which NEC’s NeoFace® technology is being deployed in order to ensure the safety and security of the public:


Airlines and Airports

  • To monitor all areas of an airport for people of interest.
  • To track crowd flows between different areas of the airport and alert on potential choke points.
  • Automatically alert central or roaming security officers when a person from a watch list is detected.
ic_law enforcement

Law Enforcement

  • Identify people of interest to help prevent and solve crime.
  • Enable analysis of pre-recorded video to support forensic investigations.
  • Quickly identify people of interest, enabling investigations to proceed at a faster pace.
  • Accurately match people from real-time video and post-event images, providing new ways to predict threats, process crime scenes, capture field data and more.
ic_public event monitoring

Public Event Monitoring

  • Identify people of interest in large crowds.
  • Recognise unwanted or black listed individuals.
  • Track crowd flows and people across multiple locations.

Key features and benefits of NEC’s Safety and Security solutions

NEC has deep expertise and offers a wide range of solutions to increase safety and improve security. NEC has been developing biometric technologies for more than 30 years and has solutions used by more than 1,000 customers in over 30 countries worldwide. Here are some of the features and benefits of our safety and security solutions.

Easy integration and deployment
NeoFace® applications are web-based with easy-to-use user interfaces. Applications for smart devices including iOS and Android are also available. The matching engine can be easily integrated into existing video security systems and core applications through standard APIs. NeoFace® uses common hardware including IP cameras, servers and existing infrastructure.
Enhance investigations and intelligence gathering
The speed and accuracy of identifying people in crime scene images and video footage reduces the time taken for investigations so more cases can be closed faster. Process evidence from multiple camera sources including body worn, on-vehicle, fixed and citizen-sourced. Monitor for people of interest in high-crime impact zones and at critical infrastructure sites. Quickly validate identities against civil ID and mugshot photo databases during field encounters and traffic stops.
Improve security operations
• Detect and match faces from large crowds of people.
• Monitor for people of interest and automatically alert security staff on a positive match.
• Monitor ticket and security queue times as well as crowd flow to minimise risk and assure an optimal customer experience.
• Perform forensic searches from video footage faster and more efficiently.
Maximise the performance of video management systems (VMS)
Significant improvements in the performance of Facial Recognition software are making real-time video security systems even more effective. NeoFace® can receive video streams direct from VMS, reducing camera administration and network burden, enhancing safety and security in monitored areas, and providing a better return on investment for that current infrastructure. Through standard APIs, match alerts can be presented in the VMS dashboard, maintaining a unified single solution for integrated video intelligence and alarm escalation, as well as a consolidated record of all security concerns.
Fast and accurate Facial Recognition for increased efficiency
NeoFace® provides fast, accurate and reliable results so identification of people happens without delay. Independently evaluated by US National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) Face In Video Evaluation (FIVE) 2017 to perform under the most demanding real-world circumstances at the highest level of accuracy. NeoFace® enables ‘frictionless’ access control, providing a secure access experience that is fast, convenient and efficient. Automation reduces the number of people needed to staff access points or monitor video security systems.
Match faces from real-time video against multiple lists
Faces can easily be categorised based on your specific requirements, for example, to identify people from valued customers, VIPs or missing persons through to known criminals or excluded individuals.
Highly configurable software platform
Easy configuration for specific operational requirements and ensures optimal operation.

Why should you use our Safety and Security solutions?

There are many reasons why our customers turn to NEC for Safety and Security solutions. Here are some of the main reasons to talk to us about our biometrics solutions for Safety and Security:

  • Safety and Security are the driving factors in the adoption of face recognition for identifying and verifying individual people of interest, including valued customers, missing persons through to known criminals and trespassed individuals.
  • Operators of security systems are under increasing pressure to balance the conflicting goals of security and speed with cost-efficiency and convenience.
  • Law enforcement agencies are seeking to become more efficient by automating the process of identifying people of interest.
  • Border agencies are being asked to cope with a rapid increase in traveller numbers to facilitate a swift and secure passenger experience while minimising costs of preventing illegal immigration or identity fraud.
  • Minimise security threats associated with crime, terrorism and border security in a cost-effective way while ensuring public safety and confidence.
  • Need for faster and more accurate identification of persons of interest to prevent crime and enable faster criminal investigations to protect the public and maintain law and order.
  • Increased need for video security to protect critical infrastructure and people in places like airports, railway stations, sports arenas and public events.

The Future of Aviation with Digital ID

Airports and more congested than ever. To make your travel experience smooth, NEC created Digital ID – a digital biometrics solution that simplifies your journey using the world’s most advanced face recognition technology.

Why choose NEC NZ?

NEC has decades of experience in biometrics and face recognition and is trusted by governments, law enforcement agencies and critical infrastructure providers for some of the largest implementations around the globe. Here are just a few reasons to choose NEC NZ for your Safety and Security requirements:

  • NEC ranked #1 by leading independent authority, the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) since 2010 for both speed and accuracy.
  • For more than 45 years, NEC’s award-winning identity matching solutions have helped law enforcement agencies globally solve crime.
  • Continuous improvement – we’re constantly developing new ways to apply our technology and we collaborate with our customers to generate innovative ideas. Our R&D team fine-tune our technology to help customers achieve their business objectives in the most efficient and cost-effective way.
  • Local support – understanding the local market, quickly adapt to change, prompt response times (same time zone) with service level agreements (SLAs) and no language barrier.
  • NEC offers ‘turn-key’ solutions – managing a complete solution rollout – with an option for ongoing management by NEC.
  • Strong local presence in public and private sector.If you need a second factor to increase your security levels when it matters most
  • Backed by NEC Corporation, with over 100,000 staff globally.

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