Infinera is a manufacturer and distributor of optical transmission equipment for demanding Tier One carrier, cable operator, internet content provider, and Government and enterprise networks worldwide. Infinera’s end-to-end, multi-layer packet-optical solutions enable network operators to scale network bandwidth on demand, accelerate service provisioning and automate operational tasks.

With a distinguished heritage of optical networking innovation and more than 2,000 patents, Infinera’s end-to-end, multi-layer packet-optical solutions enable network operators to scale network bandwidth on demand, accelerate service provisioning and automate operational tasks.

Our partnership with Infinera

NEC maintains a global partnership with Infinera which provides us access to their complete portfolio of optical network products and enterprise Data Centre Interconnect (DCI). We partner together both globally and right here in New Zealand to deliver networking solutions. Our strategic partnership with Infinera means we don’t try and sell everything to everyone. We focus on strategic partnerships which enable us to deliver our products and solutions to customers right here in New Zealand.


What do Infinera say?

“Infinera was founded on a vision of enabling an infinite pool of intelligent bandwidth powered by software-activated on-demand service provisioning. With a newly expanded portfolio, we are taking that proven capability from the core to the edge of the network, leveraging industry-leading economics and the unmatched optical performance of our vertically integrated Infinite Capacity Engine to deliver unique customer value.”

Infinera Products and Solutions

NEC partners with Infinera to deliver on a wide range of network solutions. Our partnership with Infinera is at a global level and we are working on a number of high profile projects with Infinera throughout the world.

Some of the products and solutions offered in partnership with Infinera include:

Benefits and features of Infinera products and solutions

As a global partner, NEC is able to offer Infinera products and solutions to the New Zealand market. NEC has a deep understanding of all Infinera products and solutions. By gaining a full understanding of your business requirements we are able to provide the best solutions tailored to your business needs.

Here are some of the features and benefits of Infinera products and solutions:

Automation and agility
Creation and delivery of protection mechanisms against new threats to network, cloud, and endpoint environments.
Increase fibre capacity
Increase speed and maximise the capacity of your existing infrastructure.
Low power and space
Low power consumption has always been an important part of the design philosophy for Infinera’s products and solutions, and in metro networks, it is especially essential.
The foundation technology of photonic integrated circuits (PICs) saves on energy and space while ensuring maximum reliability.

Infinera uses natively integrated technologies that leverage a single-pass prevention architecture to exert positive control based on applications, users, and content to reduce organisational attack surface, that support open communication, orchestration, and visibility, and enable consistent security posture from the network, to the cloud, to the endpoint.

Infinera’s products and solutions offer extensibility and flexibility that allows for protection of customers as they expand, move off their physical network, or adopt new technologies.

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