JNCTN is a specialist digital credential management company and a Microsoft partner who is leading the way in a fast-growing sector. It has deep credential management experience, global partnerships and international capability, providing people with a secure and easy way to verify their credentials in real-time.

Working alongside StayLive and New Zealand’s major electricity generators, JNCTN has launched a cloud-based digital credential management programme for the sector.

Our partnership with JNCTN allows us to integrate their expertise in digital credential management solutions with our biometric authentication technology and processes. This will transform how digital identity and credentials are verified and provide tangible benefits to existing and potential clients. Whether you’re an individual, business or government client, you can now verify identity and credentials instantly.

Our partnership with JNCTN

As a global leader, with proven expertise in biometrics and AI, we are driven by a desire to improve customer experiences, risk and compliance, and gain operational efficiencies – a goal shared by JNCTN.

The complementary nature of the two businesses means that both companies will be stronger together and enhance customer outcomes. As a leader in the global digital credential ecosystem, our partnership with JNCTN opens up new opportunities here in New Zealand for NEC.


What do JNCTN say?

“This is a fast-moving sector and we’re particularly interested in what’s next for digital trust and the frameworks to support it like DIA’s Digital Identity Trust Framework. There is significant demand to provide people and businesses with accessible, secure and easy to use verified digital credentials.

We are proud to partner with NEC to work together to provide a great, easy and secure user experience. We share the same focus as NEC on privacy and security and the partnership shows a vote of confidence from NEC in JNCTN’s credential management technologies.”
Wayne Stemp, JNCTN Founder

JNCTN Identity and Credential Solution

JNCTN has been recognised as having first mover advantage and an early to market position with the New Zealand Energy sector by delivering a solution to set a digital foundation for the sector’s next phase of growth.

Using a SaaS delivery model, JNCTN’s solutions can be deployed across a wide range of sectors, organisations or agencies with identity verification, credential checking or facility access requirements.

JNCTN’s digital identity and credential management solutions are fully portable/mobile solutions designed and developed with security considerations that encompass people, processes, and technology. This allows individuals to own and control their own data, and businesses and government agencies instant access to verify digital identities and credentials anywhere, anytime – helping to reduce fraud, loss and liability.


Benefits and features of JNCTN’s Identity and Credential Solution

Secure Cloud Hosting
Delivered via Software as a Service (SaaS), securely hosted ‘in the cloud’, accessible from any device with an Internet connection (smartphones, tablets, laptops, desktops).
Available 24/7
Available any time, 24/7, using low cost, easy to operate (‘bring your own device’) technology.
Access to relevant credential on and offline
Access to all the relevant working credentials (inductions, skills and safety training, licenses, qualifications) needed to work safely, with or without mobile network coverage.
Easy sharing for greater assurance
Share your information with other individuals and organisations, providing greater assurance.
Low cost
A low cost, high value means of storing and sharing critical business information.

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