Digital Microwave Radio

NEC is the leading Digital Microwave Radio (DMR) point to point solution for government, carrier and enterprise. With over 3 million terminals deployed globally, DMR provides a viable alternative to fibre. All NEC microwave solutions are manufactured in Japan resulting in the world’s most reliable and cost effective wireless solutions. NEC is a world leader in the technology required for Digital Microwave Radio. We manufacture our own silicon, allowing us to create leading, reliable solutions and earning NEC global leadership within the sector.

Who we work with

NEC is trusted by companies and organisations throughout the world. Digital Microwave Radio is a solution that is proven to deliver mission critical communications to a wide range of sectors including:

Public safety agencies
Remote oil and gas
Private and government organisations
Mobile operators
Internet service providers
Mining operations
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If you need to provide reliable voice and data network solutions in high density of rural areas, speak to the team at NEC and see how we can work with you.


Key features and benefits of NEC’s Digital Microwave Radio Solutions

NEC provides high availability, wireless transmission in ultra-compact form factor with market leading Radio Frequency (RF) performance from voice to multi-gigabit capacity. NEC is a proven leading provider of microwave radio technology with over 3 million terminals deployed globally. The flexible platform allows seamless transition from legacy time-division multiplexing (TDM) based services to Internet Protocol (IP).

  1. Viable alternative to fibre – Building a fibre infrastructure is costly and takes a long time, especially in metro and CBD areas. A Digital Microwave Radio can be installed on a rooftop within hours and the service can be enabled instantly.
  2. High Capacity – Due to NEC’s high-tech in-house chip set design, the iPasolink solution provides market leading throughput and IP features such as 4096QAM modulation, VLAN tagging, traffic prioritisation (H-QoS) and adaptive modulation, all of which are key requirements to provide carrier grade TDM and IP services. The EX Advanced 80GHz radios can provide link capacities to 20Gbps.
  3. Dual Band – To evolve 3G and 4G networks to the capacity required for 5G, NEC can has a dual band solution on a single antenna that pairs 15/18/23GHz with 80GHz in a single high capacity link. This enables shorter links to have the same high availability radio paired with a high capacity link evolving 300MBps links to 3Gbps+ links.
  4. Reduced Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) – The NEC solution provides ultra-high transmit power reducing antenna sizes and associated infrastructure cost such as tower load, power consumption and rack space. NEC has developed the world’s smallest RF units (1.2kg) with optional sub-band free capability which means one pair of outdoor units (ODU) covers the entire frequency band, simplifying spare part management, operation and maintenance.
  5. Software Configurable – The iPasolink range is a fully scalable solution providing a truly “pay as you grow” concept. Throughput and optional features can be upgraded, added later with software keys remotely as needed without multiple site visits.
  6. Extremely high reliability – NEC has been a pioneer in developing digital microwave radios over the past 45 years and is renowned for outstanding quality with R&D and manufacturing facilities located in Japan.
  7. Proven solution – NEC is a global leader in microwave transmission, with over 2 million transceivers supplied, and the solution hardware is deployed in networks within Australia, reducing supply and availability risks.
  8. Strong local support and country presence – NEC New Zealand relies on local expertise to supply partial or full turnkey solutions. We have a team of field service engineers on the ground who work seamlessly with our product and solution experts in order to deliver solutions that work for your business.

Who should use Digital Microwave Radio?

There are many reasons why our customers turn to Digital Microwave Radio as a communication solution. Here are some of the main reasons to talk to us about DMR today:

  • No service available in remote regions or too expensive
  • Communications operating expensive (OPEX) getting out of control
  • Fibre not available or will not be cost effective
  • Traffic growth swamping current link capacity
  • The need for diversity for critical communications
  • IoT transformation
  • Control of critical infrastructure

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