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NEC is a leading solution and service provider of IT and network, telecommunications and biometric solutions in New Zealand and across the globe. With innovation at the heart of the organisation, NEC New Zealand’s Field Services team commit to quality, reliability and value. We are excited to bring a new product to market here in New Zealand – the first and only AI-driven wireless LAN (Local Area Network) – Mist.

Mist provides wireless LAN networking technologies that leverage a cloud-based AI-engine to optimise the experience of the user whilst simplifying the experience for the operator – also known as “AI for IT.”

What is Mist?

Traditional WLAN platforms are over fifteen years old, leveraging monolithic code bases that are expensive to scale, prone to bugs, and difficult to manage. They are not equipped for the scale and complexity of today’s mobile users, and do not provide the reliability needed for business-critical wireless operations.

This all changes with Mist.

Mist’s “AI for IT” capabilities deliver customers superior end to end visibility, improved troubleshooting and remediation capabilities, and a reduced total cost of ownership. Mist also provides a highly differentiated solution for Bluetooth Low Energy and location-based services, which is critical for healthcare, retail, manufacturing, and distribution segments; as well as enabling the rapid growth of enterprise IoT (Internet of Things) use cases.

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Who we work with

Companies of all sizes, from SMBs to large enterprises, leverage the Mist services to simplify wireless operations and/or deliver value-adding location services, such as push advertising, wayfinding, visitor analytics, and asset tracking. Mist has a wide range of applications across a hugely diverse range of sectors including:


To find out more about Mist and its various applications, please visit the Mist website and explore their case studies


Key features and benefits of Mist Wireless

MIST incorporates patented dynamic 16-elementVirtual Bluetooth LE (vBLE) antenna array, which combined with our machine learning, enables businesses to eliminate the need for battery-powered beacons. This maximises the scalability and optimises the investment cost of deploying location-based services. Virtual Bluetooth LE enables businesses to provide rich location-based experiences that are engaging, accurate, real-time and scalable.

  • Mist makes Wi-Fi predictable, reliable, and measurable. Automate operations, save time and money, and get unprecedented visibility into the Wi-Fi user experience. Secure your network with 802.1X, IPSec, Rogue AP detection and more.
  • Set, monitor, and enforce Service Level Expectations (SLE) for key Wi-Fi performance metrics.
  • Proactively identify and fix the root causes of problems using Mist’s Proactive Analytics and Correlation Engine (PACE).
  • Learn and better optimise radio settings to assure performance, while also instantaneously adapting to intermittent outside interference.
  • Meet Marvis – the first AI-driven virtual network assistant. Now you can ask questions and get intuitive answers on par with a wireless expert.
  • Marvis uses Natural Language Processing (NLP) and Information Theory to analyse massive amounts of data and draw subtle inferences. Simply ask Marvis a question and it will help you extract insights from the system or troubleshoot an issue for you.
  • Marvis uses machine learning to perform unique troubleshooting and helpdesk functions like anomaly detection, event correlation, and confidence ratings.
  • Mist flipped the indoor location model on its head. With patented virtual Bluetooth LE (vBLE), indoor location is finally easy to deploy and scale, with unprecedented accuracy and agility.
  • Help employees, guests, and customers get to where they need to be with turn-by-turn directions. Enable wayfinding with accuracy of up to 1 meter (3.3 feet) with sub-second latency.
  • Greet patients, clients or customers as they arrive onsite. Create push notifications anywhere with unlimited virtual beacons. Deliver contextually relevant messages anywhere for a personalised mobile experience.
  • Mist offers a mobile SDK that enables you to integrate your mobile application wayfinding and notifications with Mist’s virtual Bluetooth LE infrastructure.
  • With Mist’s patented virtual Bluetooth LE technology, the same infrastructure for engaging with mobile users can be used for asset visibility.
  • Easily locate key resources, like nurses, security guards, and sales associates. Track IV pumps, forklifts, and high value assets with Bluetooth LE tags.
  • Assign names to asset tags or BLE-enabled mobile/IoT devices to locate these assets on your venue map or integrate location with business applications.
  • A complete and open set of APIs enable you to integrate your asset tags as well as asset location and analytics applications with the Mist virtual Bluetooth LE infrastructure.
  • Mist makes it easy to add or remove new features by leveraging a microservices cloud architecture. New enhancements and bug fixes are delivered almost weekly without network disruption. Services scale up or down elastically when they’re needed, eliminating the cost and complexity of monolithic hardware. Plus, the Mist platform is inherently resilient as the failure of one service does not impact others.
  • The Mist cloud uses AI and data science to analyse large amounts of rich metadata collected from Mist Access Points and provide actionable insight.
  • The Mist platform is 100% programmable, using open APIs, for full automation and seamless integration with complementary products including our AI for IT partners across LAN, WAN, security, engagement and asset location.
  • With the new features that 802.11ax (Wi-Fi 6) introduces to boost performance and efficiency, the complexity of configuring and operating an access point has soared. Mist is applying its industry-leading AI platform to automate and optimise these features with its AI for AX™ capabilities.
  • Mist leverages AI in order to optimise BSS Colouring, to improve data transmission scheduling within OFDMA (Orthogonal frequency-division multiple access) and MU-MIMO (multi-user, multiple input, multiple output) and to assign clients to the best radio to boost the overall performance of the network.
  • OFDMA improves spectral efficiency so that an increasing density of devices can be supported on the network, especially with IoT devices that often utilise smaller data packets than mobile devices and hence increase the burden and contention on the network.
  • In addition to delivering the best 802.11ac Wave 2 Wi-Fi range and performance, Mist APs incorporate a patented dynamic vBLE 16 element antenna array to deliver the industry’s most accurate and scalable location services with digital interfaces of Internet of Things (IoT) devices.


Why choose NEC to deliver Mist Wireless for your business?

As a global leader of IT and networking solutions as well as telecommunications and biometrics, NEC New Zealand is committed to innovation. Mist Wireless represents an exciting new solution in the wireless space which is unprecedented.

With fully certified MIST engineers, NEC is able to bring Mist Wireless to the New Zealand market, providing a full turnkey solution

  1. Wireless Site Surveys
  2. Wireless Heat Mapping
  3. Wireless AP installation
  4. Technical Support
  5. Annual maintenance
  6. Onsite Support

Mist complements NEC’s Biometric and Facial Recognition solutions with other Infrastructure solutions. Mist has very good API set to integrate with NEC backend systems and can be hosted in cloud to provide scale with security.

Mist System Overview

Watch Mist Systems Co-Founder, President & CEO, Sujai Hajela as he talks about Mist and how it is pioneering the new wireless network. Mist built the first AI-driven WLAN, making Wi-Fi predictable, reliable and measurable whilst delivering amazing indoor location experiences.

Regional Hotel Does More Than Hope for Better Wireless, It Assures It

The Hope Hotel and Richard C. Holbrooke conference center is a modern hotel and meeting center. The hotel was stymied by spotty Wi-Fi coverage and throughput problems from their legacy Wireless LAN (WLAN) system, which became increasingly hard to identify and correct.

The hotel turned to Harborlink, their trusted IT partner, for a solution.“We were interested in a fully managed wireless solution that not only assured fast and reliable connectivity, but gave us valuable insight into what our visitors and guests were experiencing when on the property.” According to Harborlink founder CTO, Travis Tangeman, “There was only one clear answer for Hope’s wireless needs – Mist.”

“With Mist, we easily setup service level thresholds to monitor connect times, capacity, roaming and other characteristics that affect the experience of every user on Hope’s wireless network,” said Tangeman. “In the event something goes wrong, we know before the user does and have automated tools in place like dynamic packet and event correlation to quickly and easily remediate the problem. No other wireless platform in the industry uses machine learning like Mist to simplify wireless operations for maximum reliability and performance.”

  Download Case Study

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