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NEC New Zealand upgrades customer service experience

NEC New Zealand prides itself on delivering outstanding customer service. Whilst we have been using the world-leading ServiceNow digital platform for some time, we have now integrated our phone system – Twilio Flex – into the ServiceNow platform – the first integration of its kind in New Zealand.

Benefits of Service Desk integration

The integration of Twilio and ServiceNow allows for CRM integration so that when a customer calls, they can interact without human intervention to obtain an issue update, log an issue, or provide updates to an existing issue.

If a customer wants to speak to someone direct, our support team are instantly provided with the customer’s contact information, a list of any current issues and whether their call relates to a specific issue. This means that our team can quickly deal with a customer’s call and provide a more satisfactory outcome.

In the majority of cases, customers are also connected directly with the person responsible for their case in the first instance, ensuring that the person they speak to has an in-depth knowledge of any outstanding problems, as well as experience of dealing with the customer previously.

This all means we can service a customer’s request more quickly.

In addition, using the ServiceNow and Twilio integration, we can conference in technical specialists to assist at the first point of contact and in future, we will be able to move between channels to improve the service we provide.

Flexible solutions

We understand that each of our customers is different and the way they communicate with us varies. That’s why we have worked to ensure that no matter how people prefer to get in touch, there is an option available to them that all feeds into our ServiceNow platform.

We have introduced Web Chat and SMS notifications, and over time, we will introduce new features that allow customers to interact with us using their preferred channel. Due to the sophisticated integration, customers will be able to seamlessly switch between channels – potentially starting on Web Chat, following up with a phone call as well as chatting face to face over a video conference.

All these contact points will be documented and recorded, giving any member of the support team access to all the information when a customer gets in touch.

The integration will allow services to be provided quickly and seamlessly, reducing wait time for customers, and interacting in ways that the customer wants.

What this means for our customers

The transition to this new integrated platform has been completely seamless for our existing customers. Our customers have been using the ServiceNow platform for some time – now they simply have access to more ways of getting in touch.

The Twilio integration has introduced the following:

  • A single 0800 number for all our initial contact through to a Single Point of Contact Service Desk.
  • The ability to get an update for a case via phone or portal.
  • Create a case by phone, portal, or Web Chat.
  • SMS notifications will be introduced over time so you’re updated sooner on high-priority cases.

In most cases, customers will continue to use the online web portal where they can find all the information they need about their case, however, they now have multiple channels through which they can get in touch.

Learn more about the ServiceNow platform.


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