NEC New Zealand Engagement Survey Results 2021

Each year, NEC Corporation run an engagement survey across the world. NEC New Zealand is proud to have one of the highest completion rates, with 93% of our team completing the survey in December last year. We believe that our high completion rate is due to the fact that we use these results to do something tangible for our employees to improve their experience at NEC.

Continuous improvement

Since 2018 we have more than doubled our engagement score and we are currently above the New Zealand benchmark. Not only that, but the number of highly engaged employees also increased by 6% from 2020. These results came off the back of an interesting time, including Delta being prevalent in the community.

Focus on engagement

Some of the results that we are most proud of include one of the engagement dimensions where 90% of our employees agreed that ‘given the opportunity, I tell others great things about working here’ and 94% believe that they ‘have the freedom to express my opinions even though they might contradict the views of my manager’.

Actions and outcomes

We took on board some of the previous survey results regarding work/life balance and rewards and benefits as these were our lowest performing dimensions in the 2020 survey. We set up working groups with employees across our business and worked towards improving these scores. We are pleased to confirm that these efforts were rewarded with 3% and 5% improvements respectively.

We are looking forward to continuing working with the team this year to increase our scores further.

About the survey

The annual survey across the entire NEC business is carried out by Kincentric – A Spencer Stuart Company.

The survey focuses on the Kincentric Engagement Model and the RWA3 Methodology:

Kincentric Engagementnt Model
RWA3 Methodology


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