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RANlytics and NEC New Zealand partner to deliver next generation mobile network coverage testing & analysis in NZ

Auckland: 21st May, 2021.  NEC New Zealand is delighted to announce that it has entered into a partnership agreement with the Australian high-technology company RANlytics, under which the companies will collaborate to introduce RANlytics’s ground-breaking radio frequency (RF) network coverage testing and data analysis solutions into New Zealand; and then into other markets globally.

The partnership agreement will create greater value for our customers by combining each company’s strengths, experience and capabilities, and expands NEC New Zealand’s existing partnership network with unique and adjacent technology providers.  

RANlytics is single-minded in its dedication to providing mobile operators, telecommunications industry regulators, network integrators & builders, and facility owners & managers with the best possible insights into the highest quality mobile RF network performance and benchmarking data at the industry’s lowest cost.  This data supports engineers in optimising, designing and operating mobile networks; and to definitively and quickly locate blackspots, micro blackspots and areas or poor mobile coverage.

“There is an increasing demand and expectation for mobile coverage from both consumers and industry bodies across New Zealand, placing pressure on providers for both delivery and cost.  RANlytics and NEC New Zealand are partnering to deliver a cloud ready solution with on demand data to support accurate decision making and simplifying mobile RF network testing and analysis. Working collaboratively, we can deliver fantastic customer outcomes in reducing cost, increasing reliability and saving time for customers,” says Neille Bonner, Managing Director for NEC New Zealand.

For RANlytics, the partnership represents an opportunity to bring its world-leading technology to the New Zealand market, and to improve its ability to better service its growing global customer base.  RANlytics already has offices in Melbourne, Sydney, Singapore, Seattle, Copenhagen, and Stuttgart, and the opportunity to provide local support through NEC ‘across the ditch’ from its base in Australia is good news for New Zealand mobile operators, government agencies and commercial customers.

“We are absolutely thrilled to be working with NEC.  As one of the most highly-regarded technology providers in the world, NEC has tremendous technology delivery and customer service capabilities.  Combining NEC’s 30-plus years of successful delivery to, and support of, the telecommunications industry in New Zealand with RANlytics’s unique RF network measurement and analysis capabilities will allow us to more quickly deliver benefits to the local NZ market.  We’ve proven our ability to rapidly help mobile operators to improve coverage with the highest quality and most readily-available mobile network coverage data available anywhere in the world.  We very much look forward to delivering these benefits to New Zealand customers and consumers, and to working with NEC to then expand beyond New Zealand.” says Keith Sheridan, RANlytics CEO.

About RANlytics:  RANlytics provides the most innovative radio frequency testing, measurement and data analysis solutions in the world.  We’ve responded to the industry’s accelerating needs for more effective, greener, more efficient and less costly RF testing and analysis methods.  Our portfolio of unique solutions is introducing long-overdue innovation that enables entirely new approaches to data collection and analysis at huge scale.  Our walk-testing solution delivers the fastest and lowest-cost walk-testing service in the industry with fully-automated, same-day generation of customer-grade reports. Our drive-testing solution enables cost-effective saturation testing of entire countries for the first time, and makes actionable information quickly available to both technical and non-technical users.  Learn more at


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