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Juniper Networks and NEC New Zealand

Juniper Networks is a global leader in a range of fields including high-performance networking and cybersecurity. Both of these are also key areas of business for NEC New Zealand so our partnership with Juniper Networks is built on the same underlying principals – delivering a high-performance network infrastructure that creates a responsive, secure and trusted environment for accelerating the deployment of services and applications over a single network. 

Juniper Service Provider Infrastructure Partner 

NEC is a global partner with Juniper Networks and here in New Zealand, we have achieved Juniper’s ‘Service Provider Infrastructure Partner’ status with elite specialisation in Advanced Network Infrastructure.  

Our partnership with Juniper Networks allows us to deliver unrivalled excellence in Juniper product procurement, efficient logistics and help desk support services, making us the ‘go-to’ partner here in New Zealand. 

Our partnership with Juniper Networks also provides is with the opportunity to work across a wide range of sectors here in New Zealand, expanding the services and solutions we are able to offer New Zealand’s leading businesses in broadcast and media, energy, mobile, telecommunications and more. 

Juniper Network Solutions here in New Zealand 

Juniper Networks are a global leader in high performance networking and here in New Zealand, we are able to offer solutions for businesses in four key areas: 

Our team of field service engineers can maintain Juniper’s regional engineering capability here in New Zealand and help to actively expand competitive joint service offerings on a worldwide basis. 

Juniper Networks is a pioneer in bringing 5G networking to New Zealand. Combining 5G with the power of the cloud and AI, Juniper’s solutions are transforming businesses here in New Zealand and throughout the world. 

5G is part of a broader revolution that also embraces cloud and AI technologies, which together form more robust and sustainable service delivery platforms. In order to create real business value from the promise of 5G networking, service providers need to consider all three technology components collectively. 

Another key area for Juniper and New Zealand is security solutions. The move to multi-cloud and distributed environments creates operational complexity that leads to gaps in your defence.  

It’s time for a better approach to security that effectively safeguards your organisation while streamlining operations. Working with Juniper, we can deliver a seamless security architecture that delivers automated enforcement, increased visibility, and cloud protection to do just that. 

Why choose Juniper solutions? 

As an Elite Juniper Partner, NEC New Zealand can offer unprecedented support for Juniper products and solutions here in NZ. 

We are not a distributor and we don’t just process orders.  

NEC New Zealand has a deep understanding of all Juniper products and solutions and our Network Presales and Technical ability allow us to understand how all components fit together. 

But why should you choose Juniper Networks products and solutions? 

  • Scalable – Large-scale, high-performance, and mission-critical solutions for datacentres. 
  • Open – Open solutions that favour operability between brands. 
  • Software-defined networking (SDN) – SDN is an approach to network virtualisation that seeks to optimise network resources and quickly adapt networks to changing business needs, applications, and traffic. 
  • High reliability – Enabled by field-proven Juniper technology and Junos OS, provides carrier-grade reliability for every application. 
  • Automation and orchestration – Software Contrail Multi-cloud automates and facilitates the migration of customers. 

Juniper Networks products and solutions have a proven track record throughout the world. Some of the world’s most innovative companies look to Juniper to connect their business including Aston Martin, Gap Inc., Vocus, Telefonica and T Systems to name but a few. 

Here in New Zealand, NEC is helping to deliver Juniper products and solutions to a wide range of sectors but why should you choose NEC? 

Why choose NEC New Zealand to deliver Juniper products and solutions? 

Whilst Juniper partners with a number of businesses here in New Zealand, NEC does things a little differently. 

Understanding the needs of our customers enables us to offer the most cost-effective solutions to our customers. Our in-depth knowledge of Juniper products and solutions, as an elite partner, are coupled with the specialism of our dedicated Presales Network Consultant. Based out of our Wellington office but with national capacity, our Presales Network Consultant enables us to offer a number of services to customers including: 

  • Presales consultancy 
  • Network design and architecture 
  • Solution updates and roadmaps 
  • Software-Defined Networking (SDN) and automation 

Here at NEC New Zealand, we work with a wide range of partners in order to deliver the best possible solution for your business. Whilst Juniper may offer the best solution for your business, we will consider all options before making our recommendations, tailoring solutions to fit your needs and your budget. 

You can find out more about our partnership with Juniper Networks on our Partners page. 


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