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At NEC, we are constantly evolving. It’s why we’re one of the world’s leaders when it comes to innovative technologies, especially in the area of biometrics. Our Facial Recognition software, NeoFace®, provides the fastest, most accurate matching capability and is the most resistant to variants in ageing, race and pose angle.

Built on top of our world-leading Facial Recognition software is our latest innovation: liveness detection. This anti-spoofing face recognition technology uses artificial intelligence to detect whether a subject is a real person or not. It is used in conjunction with Facial Recognition to detect whether someone is fraudulently impersonating another individual by, for example, wearing a prosthetic mask or presenting an inanimate photo or image.

NEC’s Liveness Detection is used in conjunction with our NeoFace® Facial Recognition technology and is in the early stages of market adoption.

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This technology has not yet been rolled out here in New Zealand, however, it is being deployed in Hong Kong and Singapore. It can be deployed for border control and applied to a wide variety of other uses including the digital on-boarding of new customers, removing the need for them to visit a store or branch to be physically verified that they are a real person.

There are many industries in which Liveness Detection software can be deployed. These include:

Border control
Digital identity

You can read more about Liveness Detection in this case study from E.SUN Commercial Bank in Taiwan.

il_liveness detection


Key features and benefits of NEC’s Liveness Detection

What sets NEC’s Liveness Detection software apart from other technologies on the market is the ability to detect, for example, silicone masks and [some] 3D animations. Most other companies confuse ‘motion detection’ with Liveness Detection. Motion detection simply asks a user to blink, smile, turn their head, or nod, for example. This will still be fooled by someone wearing the likes of a soft or hard silicone mask. Our technology can be used in conjunction with motion detection software for more accurate results.

NEC’s Liveness Detection software brings a number of business benefits from streamlining the digital customer onboarding process to detecting the fraudulent use of someone’s identity.

Better than the human eye
NEC’s technology acts like a human eye and more. It is able to detect persons wearing masks or trying to fool a camera with a picture of someone else which is why the technology is often referred to as anti-spoofing face recognition software.
Hardware agnostic
Since it is trained to detect fake faces, NEC’s technology works with different types of hardware. No special hardware is required such as an infra-red camera or special depth sensor systems. With regular cameras, it can detect photos put up in front of a camera, as well as silicone masks worn by persons trying to evade regular Facial Recognition technology. It can identify 3D animation played back on a screen as well.
Continuously improving algorithms
NEC has the world’s fastest and most accurate face recognition software. This new technology adds to that. NEC continuously invests in research and development to ensure its technology never stands still.

Why should you use NEC Liveness Detection?

There are a number of reasons why businesses should choose Liveness Detection as an addition to NEC’s NeoFace® Facial Recognition technology. Using advanced machine learning, NEC is inherently smarter at spotting a “fake” face than solutions that require expensive, proprietary technology. Being software-based, our Liveness Detection solution is able to perform on different hardware.

With decades of working closely with immigration, homeland security and law enforcement authorities, NEC has fine-tuned its technologies for real-time face-scanning and that’s what puts us at the leading edge of this innovative technology.

NEC biometrics lead the world in accuracy and speed, providing solutions for over three decades, locally and internationally. It is this commitment to research and development that allows us to create innovative technology such as Liveness Detection.

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