NEC New Zealand awarded five-star Prequal rating

NEC New Zealand is proud to announce that we have been awarded a five-star rating for Health and Safety in our recent Prequal report.

Prequal audits are carried out every two years and they are particularly relevant to our Field Service Teams and their ability to undertake work.

NEC New Zealand was awarded an overall score of 90% which led to a five-star rating.

“This is an excellent result for NEC New Zealand, confirming the great work my team does maintaining positive Health & Safety policies, processes and procedures for both their own safety and the safety of our customers”, says Scott Childs, General Manager Operations and Delivery at NEC.

“From Board level down, we take the safety of our employees seriously.  This is an excellent benchmark for us and provides our customers with absolute confidence in our ability to undertake our Field work with safety top of mind”, says Neille Bonner, Managing Director NEC New Zealand.

About Prequal

Prequalification assesses the health and safety systems, and other management processes used by a Contractor, to provide the Client with an indication of their ability to perform work that is aligned with good practice and the Client’s own aspirations.

Impac PREQUAL combines the experience and track record of Impac with freshly-developed business processes that provide a fast, efficient and cost effective contractor prequalification service for Clients and Contractors’, benchmarked against both international best practice and local experience (our model has been developed with reference to a range of contractor prequalification processes in BHP, Rio Tinto, Construction Line, CHAS, and the Federal Safety Commissioner, as well as the experience of local Client organisations such as Carter Holt Harvey, Fonterra and Air NZ).

The PREQUAL process is a truly Client-led approach, with Clients, not Contractors, setting the standards to be met. A Governance Group made up of senior health and safety and procurement specialists from amongst the foundation clients ratify prequalification standards, key decisions, and ensure that Client expectations are the driving consideration.

The result is a process that has benefits for both Clients and Contractors. These include significant cost and time savings, meaningful feedback, and a focus on continual improvement, all of which result in increased confidence in the Contractor Prequalification outcome.

Contractors are required to typically complete the prequalification process every two years and this will meet the requirements of a significant and ever-increasing number of Client organisations.

What this means for our customers

A strong Prequal score gives NEC New Zealand customers the confidence that when working out on site, our team will be operating under best-practices when it comes to health and safety.

Out of 11 sections within the Prequal report, NEC scored the maximum score of 100% in four categories and a score of over 90% in a further four categories.

The report goes on to highlight particular areas of strength including:

  • Health and Safety Management and Commitment – The evidence indicates that clear health and safety responsibilities are identified and allocated to all management levels.
  • Safe Work Procedures and Practices – The evidence suggests there are very well written work instructions, procedures, and/or specific safety instructions in place for the organisation.
  • Hazard Management – The evidence provided indicates the presence of a robust procedure for the identification, control, and review of hazards.
  • Incident Reporting and Investigation – The evidence provided indicates the presence of a robust process for the reporting of incidents.
  • Audit and Inspection – The evidence provided indicates the presence of a robust process for carrying out workplace inspections.
  • Involving Employees – The evidence suggests that there are regular opportunities for employee involvement in health and safety.
  • Training – The evidence provided indicates the presence of a robust process for the training of employees.

You can find out more about our Prequal performance in the full report.


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