Environment Canterbury and NEC New Zealand sign long term Smart Transportation agreement

NEC New Zealand has signed a long-term agreement with Environment Canterbury and the Christchurch City Council to evolve the current bus network into a smart transportation network using a modern real time information (RTI) system to accurately track and inform passengers of buses and journeys in their network.

The new system uses on-bus position sensors, modern e-paper on-street signage, interchange components and machine learning to improve passenger journeys with up to date real time information, shared across signage, mobile apps and websites.

The agreement will enable Greater Christchurch public transport passengers to experience NEC’s global smart transportation capability and develops a long-term relationship with the local councils around the delivery of core services and improving customer experience.

NEC is a global leader, with proven expertise in smart transportation services and a drive to enhance public transport use, improve customer experiences and gain operational efficiencies.

“We have been working steadily to grow our smart transportation capability in New Zealand and this agreement demonstrates our commitment to achieve this.  At the same time, it is fantastic that we can invest in the South Island region. We are looking forward to working with and supporting Environment Canterbury in improving transportation services for its customers,” says Neille Bonner, Managing Director for NEC New Zealand.

NEC is a multinational information technology and electronics company, founded in Japan more than a century ago. The 121-year-old company has deep market experience and an extensive history in leading cutting-edge technology and has been operating in New Zealand for more than 30 years.


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