Celebrating our staff – Winter 2022

Here at NEC New Zealand, we think it is important to recognise the valuable contribution made by each and every member of the team.

Every month, we encourage nominations from across the business to identify staff members that have gone above and beyond to deliver and demonstrate the core values of the business.

Our core values are:

  • Innovation
  • Customer Centric
  • Courage
  • Collaboration
  • Excellence

Our monthly ICCCE Awards celebrate the hard work and dedication of our staff, and we are proud to recognise and reward those members of the team who have demonstrated our values.

May 2022 Winner – Graeme Prentice

Our May ICCCE Award winner was Graeme Prentice. Graeme is a Solution Consultant at NEC New Zealand and has been with NEC New Zealand for over six years. He was nominated for the award by Charles Anderton, GM Finance and Commercial.

Graeme was recognised for demonstrating the NEC value of excellence and in his nomination, Charles had this to say about Graeme:

I think he has really stepped up locally in Steve’s (Steve Graham, General Manager, Innovation & Biometrics) absence. He has been really visible and in regular dialogue with me and my team about biometric matters which has been really helpful and collaborative.

Charles was also impressed with the way that Graeme handled some potentially tricky situations in some key meetings, responding in a calm manner and proposing practical steps to overcome some issues that had arisen.

During his time at NEC New Zealand, Graeme has enjoyed the opportunity to work with smart people on world-leading biometric technology.

Outside of work, he enjoys the country lifestyle and enjoys training his dog.

Congratulations to Graeme.

June 2022 Winner – Manas Pande

Our June ICCCE Award winner was Manas Pande. Manas works as a Financial Accountant at NEC New Zealand and has been with the company for four and a half years. He was also nominated for the award by Charles Anderton, GM Finance and Commercial.

Manas was nominated for the award after demonstrating the values of customer centricity and collaboration. This is what Charles had to say about Manas in his nomination:

I’d like to nominate Manas for the ICCCE award – I wanted to acknowledge the additional work that he has taken on since Mara finished up with us. By the time Seamus starts, we would have covered the tasks for a month. We re-jigged some of the tasks but the bulk of it has fallen to him.

“The values that have been demonstrated are Customer Centric and Collaboration – ensuring that everything continues to run smoothly for our internal customers.”

During his time at NEC New Zealand, Manas has seen many changes, both in terms of the structure of the business and also due to the impact of COVID, however, throughout it all, he has really enjoyed his adventure with NEC.

Manas enjoys the opportunities to collaborate and engage with colleagues throughout the NEC New Zealand business as well as outside of the business.

Outside of work, Manas loves to go hiking and travel around New Zealand. He also likes to cook, bake, read and listen to podcasts, as well as play tennis and badminton.

Congratulations Manas.

Mel Barber, Managing Director NEC New Zealand said, “One of my favourite tasks every month is reading through the nominations for our ICCCE Awards. It’s a chance to take a step back and recognise the amazing work that is taking place across every department of the business and to showcase those individuals that are demonstrating our core values.

A huge congratulations to Graeme and Manas along with all those who were nominated over the past couple of months.

To find out more about NEC New Zealand, including our latest job vacancies, check out the About Us section of the website.


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