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NEC New Zealand sign up as one of the founding members of Digital Identity New Zealand

NEC New Zealand is proud to be included as one of the founding members of Digital Identity New Zealand – a community of digital innovators, regulators, researchers, educators, and entrepreneurs who have a shared passion for the opportunities that digital identity can bring.

Digital Identity NZ’s vision is for New Zealand to be a country where people can express their identity using validated and trusted digital means in order to fully participate in the economy and society.

In order to realise this vision, Digital Identity NZ has pulled together some of New Zealand’s biggest and brightest brands including: Air New Zealand, ANZ, ASB, Auckland Transport, BNZ, Google, IBM, Kiwibank, Microsoft, Paymark, Spark, Visa, Westpac and NEC New Zealand partner, JNCTN amongst others.

Head of Innovation at NEC New Zealand, Steven Graham, is excited about the Digital ID community here in New Zealand, “NEC New Zealand has been innovating with many of New Zealand’s leading brands and leveraging our identity biometrics across several government departments. Consequently, we feel that it is essential that we continue to listen and contribute to the direction of the Department of Internal Affairs and the development of New Zealand’s digital identity trust framework.  Our membership will only bring us closer.”

NEC and Digital Identity

NEC is a leading global provider of biometric software and Digital Identity solutions, which have been used to identify and verify well over a billion people around the world.

We work across a wide range of sectors including:

  • Government services
  • Financial services
  • Aviation
  • Telecommunications
  • Retail
  • Security
  • Physical access control companies
  • Online application access management

Our Digital Identity solutions incorporate our world-leading biometric technologies including facial recognition and fingerprint recognition. Biometric solutions for Digital Identity enable organisations to develop new services and customer friendly applications for identification and verification through fast and accurate identification and verification which enables organisations and customers to balance the need for convenience with the need for security.

As the world comes to terms with the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, there is a greater demand being placed on contactless solutions. Facial recognition for digital ID is contactless, convenient, fast, and accurate which offers the benefit of added reassurance for customers which can help to increase conversion rates and improve brand loyalty and customer retention.

“NEC is focussed on working towards a safe and secure society, providing transparency and visibility for people and systems to build and maintain trust”, says Neille Bonner, Managing Director, NEC New Zealand

Digital Identity New Zealand activities

Digital Identity NZ was formed to help New Zealand’s transformation as a digital nation, where everyone can prove who they are digitally to organisations in a secure and trusted way.

Initial activities include:

  • Identifying scenarios where a person-centric digital identity helps solve key problems and improve people’s lives.
  • Collaborating on discovery projects.
  • Connecting with global players and sharing New Zealand’s story with the world.
  • Giving input to the Government’s Digital Identity Trust Framework.
  • Agreeing on a recommended open protocol model that supports multiple, interoperable solutions.
  • Promote the core principles for digital identity that are important to people in New Zealand.
  • Running events to engage the wider community in dialogue about digital identity.

Digital ID is something that will touch all our lives in different ways moving forward. It can be used to access services including banking, establishing a company, healthcare, medical prescriptions, tax, travelling and voting. This includes day to day transactions, travel data, financial history, or medical health records, all of which need proof of identity.

The Digital Identity New Zealand community is committed to developing a recommended open protocol that will provide New Zealanders with better ways to securely prove their identity.

NEC leading the way with Digital Identity solutions

What if you didn’t have to carry cash, credit cards or a passport when you travel? What if checking in for a flight or checking out at your favourite store was as simple as taking a selfie? What if there was one technology that could make your hotel, banking, and entertainment experiences safe and simple?

It sounds too good to be true, yet that’s what NEC’s Digital ID promises to deliver in the future.


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