Sharp and NEC New Zealand launch employee and visitor management solution for a COVID world

Sharp Corporation of New Zealand, a subsidiary of Sharp Japan, and NEC New Zealand have teamed up to launch the Sharp Welcome Kiosk, the smartest and safest Visitor Management Solution (VMS).

The Sharp Welcome Kiosk is an employee and visitor access management solution, designed to keep people and organisations safe, and secure and provide personalised service amidst the COVID environment. Its infrared temperature sensor, contactless access, and ability to scan vaccine passports (if required) will help businesses prepare for a seamless and safe re-opening of their offices and venues to full capacity.

Marcellus Ramakers, Sharp’s National Marketing Manager says the Sharp Welcome Kiosk is not a typical visitor management kiosk that just allows visitors to sign in, “for businesses that will be required to verify visitor’s vaccination status in order to grant entry, the kiosk will be key to assisting that, with no human intervention required. Some of the safety features include an infrared temperature sensor, contactless access and a UV-C screen sanitiser.

A seamless visitor experience

This highly configurable kiosk offers a seamless visitor experience with features such as personalised greeting, along with customised notifications and information. Visitor verification can trigger additional elements such as visitor label printing, providing meeting room details, wayfinding, sending a notification message to a host, or completing on-site induction training. 

Underpinned by NEC’s world-leading NeoFace® facial recognition technology, the integrated touch-screen with customisable avatar and spoken instructions with language that can be customised Te Reo, will allow visitors to self-serve and complete sign-in and site registration processes quickly.

Steven Graham, NEC New Zealand’s General Manager of Innovation and Biometrics, said safety and efficiency have come sharply into focus as businesses begin to open back up in New Zealand, “our new normal means businesses and consumers will be looking increasingly at safety and efficiency, and it’s technology that is enabling a smooth transition back with those things firmly in focus.

The kiosk can be customised to ensure the visitor process meets any needs of all sectors. This includes corporate, government, schools, retail, health, and aged care.

This is a product that we are very excited to bring to the New Zealand market as this will be an additional line of defence against COVID. It will help many organisations, especially rest homes, cinemas, sports clubs and construction sites, ensure their premises are safer and welcome visitors quickly,” says Marcellus Ramakers.

Sharp Welcome Kiosks are available now.

For more information, please visit the Sharp New Zealand website.


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