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NEC Environmental Management Initiatives

As part of its Corporate Social Responsibility activities, NEC seeks to reduce environmental impacts in its own business activities.

At the same time, it is carrying out “environmental management” that contributes to reducing the environmental impacts of society as a whole through its products and services.

Also, to promote environmental management throughout the entire Group, it has established the “Environmental Policy” to express its environmental philosophy and action guidelines. Conduct that complies with the charter is expected of all NEC employees including executive officers.

Response to Climate Change and the TCFD

NEC is working to expand environmental management beyond reducing CO2 emissions from customer and society through the use of ICT, which has been our focus so far, aiming to provide value to climate change countermeasures in terms of both mitigation and adaptation.

We have also set a target of reducing CO2 emissions linked to our business operations to “effectively zero” by 2050. In fiscal 2018, NEC started evaluating the impact of climate change in terms of both risks and opportunities, making reference to the TCFD.

Initiatives in Products and Services

NEC focuses on activities to reduce the environmental impact of products over their entire lifecycle. In these activities, we have added the perspectives of “Ecology” (including resource recycling, global warming prevention, and environmental consciousness) and “Compliance” to the conventional perspectives of “Quality,” “Cost,” and “Delivery.”

Products, software and services that meet NEC’s environmental standards are certified and registered as Eco Symbol products and services.

Resource Recycling

To realise a sustainable society, NEC is conducting initiatives towards comprehensive resource recycling, from production to use and recycling. NEC is also working to resolve the marine plastics issue by introducing the use of bioplastics for its products, researching microplastics, and taking action to reduce plastic within the Company.

Initiatives in Production and Office Sites

NEC takes steps to reduce environmental impacts along the entire value chain. We use ICT to measure the environmental burden at each location regularly and publish this. In addition, we set targets for reducing the various environmental burdens for each location, and systematically conduct measures to minimise them.

Initiatives in Biodiversity

NEC strives to minimize the impact of business activities and employees’ lives on living organisms and to actively encourage employees’ activities that contribute to biodiversity and provision of ICT solutions. a pond area in NEC Abiko Plant has been confirmed as a habitat for an endangered species IB class (EN) of dragonfly designated by the Ministry of the Environment, known as the Oomonosashi Tombo. Since 2009, NEC has cooperated with Teganuma Aquatic Organism Research Association to promote conservation activities in the area.


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