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Cyber Security Services at NEC New Zealand

Cyber Security is a constantly evolving threat for businesses and individual alike. At NEC New Zealand, we partner with strategic vendors to provide best-in-class Cyber Security solutions to businesses large and small.

Cyber-crime is a growing problem throughout the world. Cyber criminals are becoming more sophisticated in the way they target businesses and the threats they pose present businesses with constant challenges. At NEC, we work at a strategic level to meet the cyber security needs of our customers.

We don’t have a ‘one size fits all’ approach to cyber security. Instead, we work with our customers to establish the main threats they face and then put in place the relevant solutions to deal with these threats in the most efficient way.

Counteracting external attacks

The most likely threat to cyber security is an external attack. For most businesses, it’s important to understand that there will likely be intrusions to your systems – it’s about ensuring you have measures in place to combat those intrusions.

These intrusions are becoming increasingly sophisticated and can often go undetected until it is too late. From ransomware to phishing to Internet of Things (IoT) attacks – cyber security threats are going to be as prominent as ever as we head into 2020.

Solutions to counteract external attacks

Here at NEC New Zealand, we offer a range of solutions to counteract external cyber security attacks and these include:

  • Incident response solution
  • Targeted attack countermeasure solution
  • Email security enhancement solution
  • Security operations monitoring solution
  • DDoS attack countermeasure solution
  • Web system security enhancement solution

Counteracting Internal Fraud

Just how well do you manage your important information? Concentrated data management and IT systems constitute the driving force of today’s modern corporate activity, but they can also pose a significant risk to a company’s fortunes.

In today’s world, companies need to know where their important information is located, who is managing it, and what level of attack or threat it could currently withstand. Having ascertained that, companies need to decide what they are prepared to invest, not only in IT systems but in information security policies as well.

Whilst technology advances have enabled us to work more efficiently, they have also opened the door to new security threats. Email, external USB drives and cloud storage have all been targeted by cyber criminals and it’s essential for companies to keep their policies up to date surrounding the use of all technology in the workplace. The BYOD culture that exists today also presents problems for network security managers and controlling and managing the access these external devices have to your internal systems is a crucial cog in the cyber security wheel.

Solutions to counteract internal fraud

Here at NEC, we help organisations to identify the potential threats that come from within and put measures in place to counteract these threats. Measures include:

  • Privileged ID management enhancement solution
  • Data centre access management solution

Integrated control and governance

Development of ICT in areas such as the cloud and smart devices has expanded the range of areas that must be covered by company security management. Because the boundary between internal and external systems has become more ambiguous, there is a need for a higher level of regulation, such as access controls that cross boundaries. In this complicated situation, understanding the vulnerabilities of client PCs and servers is more important than ever, and a quick response is vital.

To handle the growing number of threats, including vulnerabilities, targeted attacks, and internal information leaks, NEC New Zealand provides the know-how that it has acquired through the NEC Group and through its business partners in the form of Proactive Cyber Security Solutions, which provide pre-emptive measures.

With new threats materialising almost daily, once secure environments suddenly become vulnerable to new attacks. Having all the latest information available is the key to controlling risks within your ICT environment.

NEC has been implementing “Count management” for many years. This technology forms the basis of a platform that allows NEC to visualise within one hour which client PCs and servers among the 180,000 units in the NEC Group are vulnerable or have illegal applications installed according to industry reports output daily, and take appropriate and timely action to protect the company’s networks.

Additionally, NEC’s cyber security experts are continually analysing the latest threat and vulnerability information collected from around the world and adding it to a “security intelligence” database. NEC uses this “security intelligence” combined with our security platform that allows for real-time visualisation to provide “Proactive Cyber Security Solutions” that implement proactive and effective measures before cyber-attacks occur. These solution offerings are known as the “NEC Cyber Security Platform.”

Platform Solutions for Cyber Security

To maintain an ICT environment that supports your business, you need balanced security infrastructure that includes a document management system to protect information assets, physical security, and quarantine systems for PCs that are brought in from outside.

NEC New Zealand leverages the operational know-how of the NEC Group to provide security infrastructure that protects confidential trade secrets and customer information while handling external attacks and internal fraud and places importance on maintaining convenience for users.

Platform Solutions

We have a range of platform solutions which can be tailored to meet the demands of businesses large and small. Our platform solutions include:

  • Smartphone device security solution
  • Thin-client solution
  • Gate management system solution
  • Firewall IPS solution
  • Remote access solution
  • File protection
  • Secure PC system solution
  • Database security solution
  • Bio/IC Card authentication solution
  • Authentication linkage solution
  • File management security solution


NEC New Zealand provides support for improving work and creating organisations through multifaceted diagnoses. Our cyber security consulting services include:

  • Analysis consulting – NEC can diagnose vulnerabilities in a customer’s systems from platforms through to web applications. NEC uses this analysis to propose measures to boost a company’s resilience against cyber-attack.
  • Information security consulting – Having analysed a customer’s existing information security countermeasures, NEC can then help plan additional information security equipment that dovetails well with any previous IT investment. We can also help determine an overall security policy.


There are many reasons why our customers turn to NEC for Cyber Security solutions. From large government agencies to small and medium enterprises, we provide strategic Cyber Security management solutions that are tailored to your business. Find more about our Cyber Security services including the features and benefits.


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